How to Create Instagram Account

How many of your friends are maintaining an active profile on social media platforms? There would be so many of them. They would be posting pictures from their family gatherings, travel escapades. Social media platforms like Instagram are the new “IT” things for this generation millennials. Millennials are using these platforms to connect to their friends and family. People share pictures, videos etc on their Instagram profile. Many of them find these platforms to connect with their old friends or in general share their life happenings. 

Not only individuals, but companies are also building their profiles on Instagram to stay connected with their customers, launch their products and give regular updates about their companies. Social media platforms are opening new opportunities for companies. They are allowing companies to explore new territories and enter new customer base. Not only brands influencers, celebrities, journalists, businessmen etc. You can follow people who inspire or aspire you. 

You can follow you’re competitors to tap into their customer base. While you analyse your profile, you can understand the strategies your competitors are using. Not only that you can clearly interact with peers within the industry. If your company is still a baby, you can clearly use this platform to build your audience base and increase traffic to your website. Don’t you think so? You can reach more people than you’re doing now. Now, most people are even selling their products on Instagram with amazing offers. 

So with all this talk about Instagram and for all the above-mentioned things to happen, you must first have a profile and for that, you must create it.

Creating an Instagram Profile

Creating your Instagram profile is simple and easy, all you have to do is follow a few steps and your account is created within a few minutes.

Step1: Open Instagram in your browser or mobile. 

Step2: Click on Log-in with facebook, if you have a facebook account. If you want to sign up for an Instagram profile, then follow the steps below.

Step3: When you open the login page you would find sign up option at the bottom of the page. Click on it and the sign-up page open.

Step4: Fill all the required information asked in the sign-up form like Mobile number, full name, username, password and click on sign-up. Voila!!! There you go you have finished your signing up process and you’re just a few steps away from having your completed Instagram profile.


As you have created your account. Now it is time to tweak your profile a little. People visiting your profile would understand more about you and know about you by seeing your profile. So it is important for you to maintain your profile well so that they would understand about you or your brand in a glance. So to edit your Instagram profile, click on edit your profile option present in blue. Once you click on it, you would see a page open, this is where you can do all the necessary changes required to your profile. You can change your profile picture to your personal picture or your logo in case you’re a company. But make sure to use a picture where people can recognise you or your brand easily.

Most people will try to find you with your username. But, there are so many people out there with similar user name as yours, so people would try to differentiate you from others using your profile picture. Add your gender, mobile number or mail id to contact. Next comes Bio, adding a bio can get tricky, as people don’t spend much time on your profile you must inform who you are your brand is? and what you do? In a few sentences take professional help if necessary. And last but not least, now it’s time to add website link if you have any, as it can increase traffic to your website. Once you have updated all the information click on submit and all your information is added to your profile.


You need to put in the effort to increase your followers. Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to reach new people. Add hashtags in your bio that are relevant in your industry. Hashtags play a major role in increasing your followers. What is the point of creating great content? When it is not reaching more people. Clearly, this could be a disadvantage to you. So, insert hashtags in your bio, posts. You must be wondering how to get all the relevant hashtags. Research is what will help you. So, perform research and keep a list of all the hashtags you have gathered and use them in your posts. 

Business Profile

If you want to exclusively create a profile for your business Instagram is even making it easy to you. You can create a business profile from your existing profile or create a new profile. You can also get insights on how people are reacting to your posts, you can also have stats on how many people actually visited your profile, shared your posts and analyse your engagement. 

First Post

As everything is set, why not make your first post. Connect with people around the world. Promote your brand, build your niche and grow your business if you are the company. Or simply enjoy posting your life events and stay close to your family and friends from any part of the world.


This world has so many people, and you can give global reach to your product by promoting it on Instagram. You can increase your brand visibility and increase follower base. It even provides you with an opportunity to explore and a new audience. But, remember to be consistent in posting, keep your profile well optimised and updated regularly and see your post reflect your or your brand personality. Use colours that represent your brand so that your brand is embedded in people minds. Track your posts and understand the shortcomings and try to improve them. Build a network within and out of your industry and take your business to new heights in case you’re a company.

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