How to Stop Whatsapp from Auto Downloading and Saving Photos, Videos 

Whatsapp is an extremely popular app to send free messages. You can make free calls both domestic and international, cool right? With Whatsapp, you can make international calls without worrying about call or message cost. It allows you to make conversations free of cost. But, to receive the message your recipient should be connected to Wi-Fi. Even though Whatsapp is constantly bringing new settings to it, and making it better. But there is one problem that needs fixing, i.e., auto-downloading of videos and images from Whatsapp to the gallery.

 This auto downloading can get quite bothersome, as it downloads images and other media into your gallery automatically, it is ok if you’re connected to a Wi-Fi but if you’re not then your mobile data will take a huge hit. Not only that it can take up most of your storage space, making it hard to download other apps. 

Daily people send hundreds of image or videos to you, from good morning images to funny videos, people share too many things on WhatsApp. But, there are only a few images that you would like to download from your Whatsapp to the gallery, but auto-downloading downloads all media in your Whatsapp without permission burning a hole in your mobile data, storage space and it also increases your work as you have to delete all the unimportant images from your gallery. So if you’re also suffering from similar issues, then stick till the end of this article to find the solution. 

Stop Auto-downloading

Follow the steps below to stop auto-downloading media from your Whatsapp.

Step1: Open Whatsapp in your mobile, click on the three dots present on the top-right corner of your screen.

Step2: Click on the settings option present on the menu. Then a page will open on your page with option. 

Step3: Click on data usage, then you would see a page with more options on your screen.

Step4: Once the page is opened, you would see three options in it. When using mobile data, connected with Wi-Fi, roaming

Tap on all these options, deselect them and then click ok.


To turn-off, auto-download on iPhone follow the steps below.

Step1: Open Whatsapp in your mobile, and then click on more options or three dots present at top-right of your screen.

Step2: Select settings option from more options and then click on Data and storage usage.

Step3: A new menu will open, you will see the Media-Auto download option present at the top of your screen.

Step4: For all photos, videos, audios, documents, click on select on the never option and click ok.

Once you click Ok, all media will be downloaded only when you choose it to download them manually.

Stop Saving media to Phone Gallery

If you download a media from any conversation, it’ll be automatically saved to your phone’s gallery. But, you can stop the media from being saved into your gallery.

Step1: Open your WhatsApp.

Step2: Click on More options or three dots present on top-right of your screen.

Step3: Select settings, then click on chat and then select turn off Media Visibility.

For any particular contact’s chat

Step1: Open Whatsapp, open your individual or group chat.

Step2: Click on three dots or more options present on top of your screen.

Step3: Then click on Group info or View contact or you can simply tap on the group subject or contact name.

Step4: Tap on media visibility and then choose between default YES or NO. Then click ok. Voila!!! Now your media will not be saved in your gallery.

For iPhone to stop saving media into your camera roll, all you have to do is go to your chats present in your settings, open the menu and turn off the save to camera roll option. And your media will not be saved in your media anymore.

In Whatsapp, show media in gallery option is turned on by default, so to stop your gallery from saving all these media, you just have to change the default settings. This feature will apply only for the new media that your phone will receive, it will not reverse or have any effect on all old media saved in your phone.


Whatsapp has made it easy and convenient to chat and call people. So people use this for both personal and professional purposes. In a day we communicate with many people from work or outside work and share lots of information like docs, images, videos etc. So without a doubt, all these will be shared in your gallery unless and until you changed your default settings. It may simply eat up all your storage space and exhaust your mobile data. So to avoid such situations you can simply change your setting to manual download and enjoy your storage space to yourselves. Follow the above instructions and free your storage space and stop Whatsapp from auto-downloading media.


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