Why Quality Content Is Still the King of Digital Marketing?

If you’re interested or active in digital marketing, one of the most common phrases that you would have heard is – Content is King. Looks like, this buzz word is not going away anytime soon. From 1996 to 2021, this phrase is still valid till date and it will continue to be in the future too. The Internet is filled with content, some good and some bad. But one thing nobody can deny is the supremacy of quality content. Yup, although there are hundreds of blogs that belong to the same niche only a few of them catch the attention of users, or in millennial language become viral. 

Although all these people are writing content on the same or similar topics why such a difference? Answer to this question is quality. The only difference between blogs that make it and others is the quality of their content. If you bring quality content to the table, the internet will embrace you. But in case your content is mediocre it is quite easy for your blog to be replaced with your competitors. 

If you want to reach more people, improve conversion and generate more ideas then the only solution is to produce quality content. Drill this in your head, quality content beats everything. Behind every successful digital marketing campaign is content that is both relevant and rich. The only way to draw the attention of the audience is quality content and excellent design. 

Let’s talk with an example here, you have seen an excellent copy on the internet relating to a brand. The content in that copy is either something you relate too or a solution you’re looking for. Will you check out their products on the website or not? You will. See, a powerful piece of content can bring the audience to your website. From social media to email marketing, with quality content by your side, you can be assured of stealing your competitor’s thunder. 

If you are someone who is into digital marketing you must be thinking easier said than done. Agreed!! With finding good content writers, who follow SEO best practices becoming hard. It is becoming quite challenging to produce quality content, especially for small businesses. Not anymore, there are on-demand content writing services like Content fuel that have made delivering high-quality content simple. At a monthly rate, businesses can get top SEO writers to curate various forms of content such as articles, blogs, email newsletters, infographics, etc.

With all this being said, have you ever wondered why quality content is still on the radar?  If you have, then here are a few reasons why Content is still the king.

Builds relationship with customers 

If businesses want their customers to become loyal customers then build a relationship. Content acts as a bridge between the brand and its customers. It improves communication and helps businesses in understanding their customers better. If you provide them with content that they relate to, naturally they will connect more with your brand, your sales will increase along with word-of-mouth publicity. Not only existing customers’ content will also attract new customers too. 

A brand focuses on both acquiring new customers and retaining existing customers. With a powerful piece of content, businesses can accomplish both these tasks. Statics show that more than 68% of people are interested to read about brands they use or support. More than 70% percent of people find information relating to a brand through content. The beauty of content is, the more relevant it is, the more people will connect to it. So make sure that content is both educating and meaningful.

Influencer- marketing

Content has powered influencer marketing. It is hard to find a brand that is not collaborating with influencers to promote their products. Brands are banking on the popularity of the influencers to attract new audience. Although endorsing products has been a norm of decades, celebrities or public figures promote products and boost sales for brands. But with the world turning to social media and with the birth of influencers on these platforms. 

Businesses are leveraging them to introduce their brand and products to a broader audience. Since this strategy has been paying off, influencer marketing has become an integral part of a content marketing strategy. Also, collaboration with influencers has been a good idea, as they produce quality content that is relevant. Another reason behind the success of influencer marketing is because they understand their follower behaviour so they can create content that puts the brand (they’re endorsing) on the follower’s radar.


Content marketing is cost-effective compared to traditional marketing. By opting to content marketing brands can save around 60% of their marketing budget. Along with generating more leads compared to traditional marketing. Every dollar you spend on content marketing is worth the money. Maintaining a brand presence on social media regularly and posting quality content can improve brand awareness and bring more customers. 

Not to forget it is an excellent strategy as it helps you stand out among the competition without spending much. It truly makes sense that content marketing is popular. Who will leave a strategy that is bringing in traffic and boosting sales without spending a fortune? 

Real-time marketing

Another interesting reason behind the popularity of content is, it changes with time. Confused? Well, if you see before the internet, catchy taglines and interesting copy have grabbed the attention of customers. Later, were the jingles on radio or TV advertisements. 

Now, content is all about today (real-time), it takes hardly hours to create a new trend. If you want to keep up with your audience then you must catch up with trends. Simply put, content in the present time is real-time marketing. 

You can create content on current events to bring excellent results. Be it content on current trends or content planned ahead of time, the core point is to have quality content. With content marketing, you can cash on the latest trends to improve your popularity.

Wrapping up

Content will continue to be king. No matter how many new strategies are introduced content marketing will always have an important place in digital marketing. As you have made it to the end of this article, here is a tip (bonus) that will help you in creating excellent content. Always remember that, if you want your content to fly, then context is highly important. Content with context will fall flat. So know your audience and create content that is personal to them. Now that you have understood that content is king. What are you waiting for? Create amazing content and take your business to the new heights. 

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