Why a Strategic Twitter Presence Makes Sense in 2020

One of the most interesting political campaigns in recent years has been conducted by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has chosen to embrace Twitter, and whose postings on that social network have attracted considerable attention for a candidate whose campaign started much later in the presidential election race. The Twitter updates used by the Bloomberg campaign have been unusual but effective; in an effort to appeal to members of the Millennial Generation, the former Mayor’s campaign team has used internet memes and jokes aimed at United States President Donald Trump, but these strange tweets have actually been welcomed by Bloomberg’s supporters.

Political strategists will tell you that what Bloomberg has been doing on Twitter is exactly what needs to be done in 2020 as an example of communications strategy. Despite not having a much lower number of users, Twitter has proven to be the most effective social network for individuals and brands who wish to establish a strong online presence. Within the 330 million Twitter users, a figure that pales in comparison to Facebook, there are quite a few journalists and communications professionals; furthermore, tweets have a certain ability to catch the attention of news media outlets.

When you watch news programs on television, there is a good chance that you will see tweets flashed on the screen. Embedded tweets are commonly seen on websites that report the news; this was the case with New York Magazine, a publication that keeps track of the strange Twitter updates of the Bloomberg campaign as well as the unhinged and frequent tweets posted by President Trump.

With all the above in mind, managing a good Twitter presence in 2020 is highly recommended for individuals and business entities alike. Twitter is considered to be an excellent network for company executives who want to communicate a blend of business and personal postings. Unlike LinkedIn, which is all about business, Twitter is an online platform where the flow of information is more casual; you can see examples of this flow like this Twitter profile, which combines the executive’s support of female soccer with updates about his business ventures in the automotive industry. The short bio of this profile also lets you know that the user has daughters who play soccer, and his main business sponsors a franchise team of the National Women’s Soccer Team. You can learn all this information without having to scroll too much, and this is one of the advantages of Twitter as an effective branding tool.

When individuals or brands have news to break, they choose Twitter to do so, and this is very important in 2020. Within the Apple App Store, Twitter is listed in the news category instead of social networks, and this is accurate because that is how the network has organically grown. Twitter audiences love to be informed more than anything; to this effect, you do not want to overdo things with too many promotional tweets. Show your followers something that is informative, something they can learn from, that should be the goal of every Twitter update you post in 2020.

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