What Technologies Help People Shift to Working Remotely

The COVID-19 has led many businesses to either lay off their employees or force them to work from home. This switch can be difficult for those that never have worked from home before or simply like heading to the office every day. However, many have found that technology has helped the process go over smoothly.


Whether you might have been unemployed before the pandemic or simply are looking for a new job, this is a great time to apply for a remote job. Websites like Search Remotely can be used to easily find the position you are looking for. A good bonus when applying for these jobs is you typically can be located far away from a home office as long as you’re willing to work during the office’s hours. Just make sure when you apply for these jobs that you make an agreement that you can continue to work from home when the pandemic is over.

Video Meetings

Traditionally, meetings are held in a large room in which everyone sits close to a table. The spread of COVID-19 has meant though that businesses are switching over to video settings. Video meetings are typically held using video platforms like Zoom or Discord. These tools are meant to make video meetings easy as they usually work with various devices like mobile phones and desktop computers. You usually can be flexible as well like turning off your webcam during meetings in which you may feel like you aren’t that presentable that day.


Office organization can mean you having a calendar or whiteboard around to remind you of all of your upcoming tasks. In the sphere of remote working, businesses like Milanote have built tools in which you can save any text you want for notes along with videos and pictures. Some organization tools like Trello even let you share your goals with all of your team members so you can get a group project done without constantly having to message everyone about their progress. As remote work continues to get popular, it’s assumed that these organization VoIP phone will become better as well.

Text Communication

Communicating with your co-workers can be very easy once you’re in an office environment. However, it can be difficult for some to talk back and forth with everyone when you’re relegated to text conversations. That’s why many workplaces have decided to use communication platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams as you can easily divide group conversations into various labels. Once you’ve created each label, you can start talking like normal or even upload attachments when you need your co-workers all working on the same file. It’s expected as more people start working from home over time that this technology will advance.


Over time, you’ll be more comfortable with this technology as you use it more. Make sure that you keep up with new technology and suggest new applications or devices for your workplace if you ever see something that would make your daily work easier. In the end, you’ll not only be better at working from home but a better worker overall.

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