What are Mutual funds?

If you are an investor or a person with a deep interest in financial instruments and investment options and current market trends then you would have heard about mutual funds. It is great if you know about mutual funds, it’s fine if you don’t, as you would at the end of this article.

Mutual funds are money collected by many investors, they invest this pool of money into various securities such as bonds, stocks, money market instruments etc. These funds are operated by professional fund managers. Fund managers allocated the fund’s assets to produce income or capital gains to investors. Mutual fund’s portfolio is well structured and maintained to match the investment objectives mentioned in the prospectus.

Mutual funds give access to small investors to invest in professionally managed portfolios of securities, bonds and equities. All investors share both profits and losses based on their investment proportions, first learn to trade. As you know most of the fund managers invest in equities, securities, their performance is usually tracked with a change in the total market cap of the fund. The total market cap of the fund is derived based on the aggregating performance of the underlying investments.

Benefits of Mutual Funds

Most people invest in Mutual Funds due to its simplicity and professional management and cost diversification. Mutual funds are a good fit for your investment strategy because they are simple and yield a good return on your investment. This is the best type of investment for both beginners and pro. And it is advantageous, as it allows the investor to invest in different types of securities.

For example, if you’re investing in stock markets, you can only invest in stocks you cannot invest in bonds or other securities. But whereas in mutual funds you can invest in more than 1 type of securities as your portfolio consists of different types of assets carefully curated by your fund manager.

Simplicity & Diversification

There are so many reasons why investors are interested in investing in these mutual funds. One of them is, it is easy to buy. You can find them easily in banks, mutual fund companies, brokerage firms, discount brokers online and insurance companies. Mutual funds also offer the diversification, the golden rule of investing for any investors is to go for asset diversification. Why asset diversification, you must be wondering? Asset diversification reduces risk to your assets since you buy a mix of assets ranging from different investment types and assets. Because of diversification, an investor is exposed to a wide variety of investments. in these investments, there are some high-risk investments which small investor may not afford to buy. But, by investing in mutual funds the investor can actually invest in the high rewarding assets as they are part of the mix.

Dilute’s risk

Mutual Funds are the best options because they dilute the risk. As you have invested in a mix of both high risk and low-risk assets the risk is diluted and you’re making contributions to a pool of money created by a group of people, which means you are sharing profits and losses with them. Investing in a group is helpful as it reduces the burden on you to invest a larger sum to make larger profits. Not only that having asset diversification will also help you as you can rely on income from one investment or a sector even if others have a rough year.

Low Transaction Costs

Mutual funds also have low transaction costs. The transaction costs will same for 1 share or 100. You can say that mutual funds are beneficial for it. You pay only one price even though you are investing in multiple asset types and this is clearly beneficial for clients as it reduces transaction costs for investors. This just at the time of initial purchase. Imagine the transaction costs you would pay every time your portfolio is modified or when your asset proportions are changed. Indirectly you’re saving up a lot of money by investing in mutual funds.


The list of benefits doesn’t end here. It even provides investors with liquidity. When you are suddenly hit with an emergency that requires selling out of your investments. It can disastrous if your hit takes place at a wrong moment, you may ending selling them for loss. But with mutual funds, there are very low chances of such a situation ending disastrously as they don’t swing widely and it tolerates any type of hits due to its diversification.

Mutual funds are transacted only once per day after the net asset value of the fund is calculated. Last but not least, you would receive professional fund managers while investing in mutual funds. Which means your assets are in safe hands. They don’t just randomly invest your money, they do it with a good amount of research. They invest according to a strategy to make get more return on their investment.


To put it simply, investing in mutual funds is easy and beneficial. You only have to choose in which mutual funds to invest, everything else will be taken care of by the fund managers. But choose wisely before choosing the mutual funds, there are thousands out there, read the prospectus clearly before deciding. See whether the mutual fund you selected matches with your risk taking capacity. There are many types of mutual funds, they are divided based on the securities they are targeting for their portfolios and the they of returns they are expecting. Research clearly on all mutual funds, before having your pick. Once you pick the one that suits your risk tolerance, invest in it on monthly, quarterly, annually basic and yield great returns.

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