Top 7 Event Management Software

Planning an event is not an easy feat. There are hundreds of things that you need to take care to make an event successful. Event planners always prepare themselves for the troubles. Challenges are inevitable when you’re planning an event, what matters is how you tackle them. First things first, you must have a plan or strategy before moving forward. Don’t you agree? 

How to make an event successful?

It takes a lot of effort and time to make an event successful. Success does not only come with perfect execution. There are many other factors involved. Events can be anything, it can be trade conferences, seminars, Appreciation events, team-building events, product launch events, etc. So whatever the event is to make it successful you should have a right time with you that can follow your instructions perfectly and deliver their best. Set clear objectives. 

When planning a big event you don’t know when you will get distracted from the important objectives. So you need to have clear objectives while planning the event, make sure you’re goals are SMART. Understand your audience, talk to them to make the event even better.  Last but not the least promote your event well if you don’t promote it, people, then only you and your team will end up being the only ones attending the event. 

To take care of all these things you must have a strong plan or strategy and lots of help. Why not use event management software to make planning easier? If you’re wondering what is the event management software, it is a software that provides solutions to any troubles you encounter while organizing an event. It handles all aspects of an event from planning to post-event. Some software even helps you in planning the entire event, whereas others provide solutions to specific issues such as ticketing, surveys, analytics, schedules, etc. 

Here is a few event management software that can help you in preparing a perfect event.


Gather is a leading event management software. It makes planning seamless and helps you in hosting amazing events. This platform streamlines the booking process and increases exposure. Irrespective of your company’s events size Gather will help you. It offers you a dashboard where you can respond and analyze your performance. The event source from your website leads directly to the Gather expanding your venue’s reach.

It provides you with contracts, templated proposals, step-by-step tracking, PCI- compliant payment processing to manage your events seamless. It’s iOS and Android mobile apps help you in managing events from anywhere at any time. Gather’s event portal will keep your clients in the loop of every step. With its features, you can ensure that your clients will receive the best customer service. It has two types of plans they are Gather and Gather for Enterprise. You can book a demo before signing up and for pricing contact them and request a quote. 


Cvent offers a variety of solutions to make your event a success. It has managed more than 3.5 million events, processed around 143 million and has more than 25000 customers globally. It provides solutions based on your roles, industry and organisation size. Simply put it customizes the solutions based on your requirements. Cvent even helps in finding an event venue and it even helps you in exploring other top meeting destinations.

It provides you with features that allow you to stay at the top of the best industry practices and trends. Cvent is a platform that helps you through the entire event life cycle. It even offers you resources such as reports, white papers, ebook, demo app, video, webinars, etc to compare and plan a spectacular event. This powerful event management tool is simple and easy-to-use. Schedule a demo and for pricing, you must request a quote as the price varies based on the type of event. If you have any queries their customer support is available 24/7 to help you. 


Eventbrite will help you in organising the best events. This platform helps you in organising live events too. With Eventbrite, you can create an event within minutes. It’s built-in payment processing, support and analytics will help you in making the event a grand success. It doesn’t charge on free tickets and its app is designed specifically for organizers to run, promote and track event on their mobiles from any part of the world.

You can even track your sales with analytics and real-time reporting. Eventbrite even helps you in promoting your brand with well-designed pages will make ticket purchasing and discovery easy. You can even partner with sites such as Facebook and Instagram to gather your tribe. Sounds cool right? This platform is free for free events for others the price range starts from $0.79+2% for essentials, $1.59+3.5% for professional and requests a quote for premium as the price is tailor-made for you based on your event and its size.


EventZilla is an excellent event management platform. It helps you in amplifying the event awareness, create mobile apps, engage attendees and branded websites. This platform has created more than 20000 event websites and processed more than 7 lakh registrations. You can set up beautiful event websites in just 5 minutes and it allows you to customize the website as you please. This is an all-in-one platform that has everything from set-up to advanced reporting.

Eventzilla is a feature-rich event management software that is perfect to organise conferences, classes, fundraisers, social events, sports etc. The features include daily payouts, reduce no shows, survey attendees, attendee self-service, real-time reports, sell tickets anywhere etc. What makes this software more special is it provides an industry-specific solution. It has almost every industry covered. Eventzilla will assist you in every step of your event’s life cycle. It is free for free events, for other, the prices of plans range from $1.25/ticket for a basic, $1.9%+$0.99/ticket for pro and you can custom price the pro plus plan based on your events.


Eventmobi enhances the event experience. It helps you in everything from registrations to live polling and digital signage. Its event app platform allows you to engage your event attendees from start to finish. Eventmobi even offers conference apps, surveys and much more. It is available in 26 languages and has more than 11000 clients. Eventmobi tools and technology will help you in engaging with your attendees. The mobile event platform is also as easy-to-use, it saves your time and effort.

The key features include event registration, event networking, event gamification, event apps, appointment booking, live display, analytics, polls & surveys. If you’re still wondering why Eventmobi? It is simple to answer this platform is the most comprehensive event management software available in the market it integrates both technology and tools to deliver the best events. If you have any queries their customer support is always ready to help you. The pricing for this platform is flexible you can get the details by filling a form.

Ticket Tailor

Ticket Tailor is the no.1 ticket selling platform in the market. It allows you to sell tickets at a low price. Irrespective of your event size you can create an event with its fully-featured and easy to use platform. Ticket Tailor’s low fees will save your money and its direct payments features will allow ticket buyers to pay you instantly and no need to wait anymore. This platform will help you in having huge savings at it charges low fees.

You can even gain free access to the print an event door list or check-in-app. It is perfect for any kind of events such as charity fundraisers, nightlife events, venue ticketing, PTA’s, conferences and B2B etc. It is a simple 4 steps event all you have to do is sign up and create the event, customise it and start selling tickets and manage attendees of your event. Ticket Tailor has flexible paying that suits your needs. It ranges from €19 for small, €35 for medium,€79 for large, €149 for XL, if you need a larger volume of ticket sales then you can request for a quote.

Jolly EventLeaf

Eventleaf is a simple, powerful and reliable event registration management platform. It offers two types of platforms i.e., web-based and desktop. Web-based allows you to browse the platform from any device through a web browser. For the desktop version, you can install it on one or more PCs or tablets. With the web-based platform, you can create beautiful event web pages, register, send invitations and sell tickets.

It is hosted and managed online, there are apps for organizers, exhibitors and attendees. The desktop version is accessible inside the corporate network and it enables you to share data with other desktops. You can get started for free on the web-based version and the free trial of desktop version is also available. It is suitable for all types of events irrespective of their size.


Managing an event is not an easy task, you have to coordinate with different teams to make the execution and event a success. But it takes double the effort and time. So to your time and effort, you can use event management software. It makes it easy to communicate easy and clear with several teams. This is very cost-effective as it lowers overhead costs and helps in event promotions and effectively manages data. What are you waiting for? Create your next event using event management software and make it a success.

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