Top 5 Analytics Software for the Business

Technology has made everything easy and fast. Truly this is the digital age, and this generation is Gen-Z. So it is high time for businesses to get smarter. And most businesses are using smart tools that would help them in keeping up with the current business trends and make smart decisions that can put them ahead of their competitors. Thanks to the digital age, the businesses can now get access to all the data that can improve their business performance easily. But, the only problem here is processing this collected data can eat up a lot of your productive hours. Here is where data Analytic tools come into the picture. These tools will help you by transforming your raw data into insights within just a few clicks. 

Analytics softwares are one of such tools that could optimise your business performance and improve your business operations. They use advanced algorithms and AI to transform your data. Finding the right analytics tool that matches your business is also important.  You can’t just choose an analytics tool randomly as there are so many factors involved to consider before choosing. So, some of the important factors may include its performance, features that match your business model. you must choose a tool that cohabits well with other system or technologies used in your business.

Here are 5 analytic platforms that can help you in improving your business.


Zoho Analytics is the product of Zoho Corporation. it was previously known as Zoho reports. It hosts different platforms like pivot charts, KPI widgets, tabular view components. All these components allow users to generate reports with useful insights. It turns all your raw data into reports. You can even keep a track of key business metrics, long term trends, find hidden insights and identify outliers.

It takes data from various sources and blends it together to produce meaningful reports and insights that can help your business. You can set data alerts that alert you in case of any anomalies and outliers.  The drag-and-drop designer makes it easy to create dashboards and reports. It has a variety of visualization tools to highlight your reports. You can even ask your questions to Zia (Intelligent assistant). It is built on AI, NLP, MI technologies and answers your questions in KPI widgets and reports. You can integrate with other business apps too. With Zoho analytics you can collaborate on reports with your team, you can hold conversations and add comments with them. You try 15-days trial version, prices for this product are ranging from $22.5/month for basic, $45/month for standard, $112.5/month for premium and $445.5/month for the enterprise.


Looker helps businesses in making better decisions, as it uses real-time data to access. All sizes of data can be analyzed using Looker platform. It is integrated with SQL database or data warehouses such as Amazon Redshift and Greenplum. Looker is suitable for all types of businesses be it mid-sized, startup’s or enterprises. Its simplicity is also making it desirable companies. You don’t need to be a data analyst to operate Looker.

You can develop personalized workspace using the tools provided in the dashboard. Inexperienced users can prepare high technical visualization. They can export and import from outside Looker’s dashboard using the mapping feature. You can also use the drag-and-drop feature for creating your personalised workspace. You can even assign roles such as Administrator, Users and Developers within your team.  Looker makes collaborations easy. And this app is accessible from both mobile or browser making it easy to contribute even when they’re outside the office. You can always contact their support team in case of any queries, they will respond to you as quickly as possible. You can try the trial version and contact company to request the price.


Yellowfin is a business intelligence solution that helps a business make better use if its data. It has many comprehensive analytics features, machine-learning capabilities and market learning capabilities. Using this software you can get valuable insights from your companies performance. It’s data-driven predictions always help businesses make smarter decisions. It’s data visualization options has the capability to present your data as per your preference. Yellowfin is not only accessible on desktop but also on mobiles.

Its web API lets you integrate with a variety of business systems, widgets and add-ons. This feature gives you an offer to extend your functionalities depending on your business needs or you can even merge it with existing softwares used in your work. Yellowfin is a fully integrated BI platform. And it also addresses and solves multiple analytical issues with ease. You can blend all your reporting, analytics, data discovery into one platform. you can even create interesting and interactive presentations using different analytics with Yellowfin’s data storytelling capability.


Sisense is a robust data analytics software that makes analytics easy even to non-technical users. It has a wide range of tools and features which makes analytics easy. With this tool, you can extract insights easily without any aggressive coding. Its top features include interactive visualizations, analytical capabilities and personalized dashboards.

Its dashboard allows you to explore, filter, mine data with just a few clicks and its in-chip technology allows data analytics to perform faster and faster and provide richer insights. It uses NLG technologies to detect trends, patterns when you interact with all widget on your dashboard. If there are any anomalies in your data, Sisense will automatically detect them alert you. It uses Machine Language to detect these potential threats. You can test the features and functionalities of this software by trying its demo version.

Qlik Sense

Companies use Qlik Sense to extract insights that other query-based data analytics tools miss. This tool extracts insights by indexing every possible relationship between data and then amalgamating them with various other data sources into a centralized view. You can easily find insights in this tool as it has a highly functional and interactive interface that makes it easy to zoom, pan and other features to pinpoint and explore data effectively. 

This platform provides you with the flexibility to make the right decisions. Regardless of your companies size, you can collaborate in a secured hub for work to share your opinions with your team. You can easy to navigate through tons of data from various sources without getting confused about any figures or data by using Qlik Sense dashboard. This tool allows you to explore and analyze data deeply and get accurate results or make the right decisions. It can also be operated on both browser and mobile, you can collaborate, explore and analyse from anywhere. This tool has many features that can make your data analysis process easy like drag-and-drop visualization, data storytelling functionality, managed data connections etc.


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