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Believe it or not, the content has so much power over your business and it can take your business to new heights. But bloggers constantly come across the struggles to publish unique content. No matter what topic you picked there would always be a blogger who has covered it. In such a scenario it becomes hard for the bloggers to come up with creative content ideas.

There are times when you read an amazing blog post and wonder where did the writer come up with that idea. And this is the question of all the bloggers out there. How to create content or come up with ideas that help you in standing apart from the crowd. Most bloggers to stay in the loop pick trending topics. But the important question here is will it make any difference.

What is the point of writing trending topics when you’re audience are not interested in them? Think this way, anybody would search for a particular topic and read it only if it is important for them right? Not because it is trending. If people understand this simple logic they will be able to create content that adds some value to their audience.

People have this notion that every blog post they publish should be ground-breaking or the first of its kind. But all you need is to differentiate yourself from bloggers in the market and provide your users with what they’re looking for. If you understand your audience then you can automatically create that will attract the attention of your targeted audience.
If you want to create unique content, you must understand why content plays such a crucial role in any business?

Why is content important?

Content is not something that organisations fill their websites or blogs with, it is much more than that. It helps you in connecting with your audience and build trust with them. There are times when a good blog post has driven traffic to a website and improved brand awareness of a brand. If you think the point of content is to generate revenue and improve traffic then you’re wrong. It has some many other benefits which can not be measured. There is a reason why people say “Content is King”. Content helps you in improving your brand awareness at a highly cost-effective price.

Companies spend billions of dollars to promote their products through PR and advertising. And these methods can easily burn a hole into the pockets of the companies. The astounding part of this conversation is that you can’t measure the results of it. You don’t even know if your intended message has reached your targeted audience or not. But with content marketing, you can measure the results and to make this deal sweeter, it is highly cost-effective compared to any other traditional methods of marketing.

Content is here to stay

Content is ever-green, you may not be able to use the same image from your past. But you can repurpose your content even if it has been posted years ago. Content has the power to bring the audience to your website. And if you think content is only seen on websites and blog posts then you’re being naive. Because from e-mail marketing to social media at every step you need content to drive your business, reach your audience and improve your sales.

If your content is great, people would love to take a second glance at your website. Don’t you agree? They may link your website in their content, which not only helps you in building links but it also provides you with a chance to drive more traffic to your website. It provides you with a chance to educate your audience and improves the rank of your website on search engines such as Google.

So, here are a few tips that will help you in creating unique content.

Understand your audience

The most simple and important thing that you have to remember before starting any blog idea is you’re writing this content to attract the audience. It is great that you have thought of putting your ideas and creating a post on them. But think, the point of having a blog is to attract and reach your targeted audience. If your blog is not satisfying their purpose then they would look for their needs come where else. Which is definitely a loss for your business as you have lost a potential customer, right? So the only way to stop this from happening is to create content that entices your audience. Before starting a blog topic. Take your time, understand the needs and preferences of your audience and then design your topic along that outline. Ask yourself questions such as

Who are you writing for?

What are their needs and preferences?

What is the message that you want to convey?

How will you accomplish that?

Perform your research and understand your audience pulse and see how content will improve your business.


Brainstorming has the power to bring exceptional ideas to the table. Most people have starting trouble. All they need is that initial push, once they have crossed that start line, they get the flow of things. Brainstorming is that spark every blogger need. Every blogger starts with a blank slate only but brainstorming is a process that can put some original and engaging ideas on that slate. It can be done with yourself or a group, you can sit around and discuss all the ideas that come to your head. Remember to jot them down as no idea is a bad idea and there are high chances that you may forget most of the ideas, so jotting down will help you in remembering them. Divide your creative thinkings process into steps.

Step1: If you’re brainstorming alone or in the group, put all your ideas on the paper, record them.

Step 2: Eliminate the ideas that people have already used or you found uninteresting.

Step3: Filter all the ideas and pick your top 5.

Step 4: Select the best topic that you know your audience would enjoy and start working on it.

Brainstorming for one session can bring you across so many ideas. And no idea of yours will go waste as you can make a repository of content ideas and use it later.

Check out your competitors

Keep your friends close, but your competition closer. Yup!! Tweaked the quote a little bit to suit your situation. Keeping an eye on your competitors is definitely not a bad idea. Analysing your competitors may not only help you in understanding where you’re lacking. It will also help you in understanding what is it that they’re doing differently. If you’re targeting the same audience then you will have a chance to understand your audience better. Conduct a comprehensive competitor audit, it will give you insights on what is hot and what is not in your industry. It always proves to be beneficial if you know what is running in the industry, you can use all these insights to improve your SEO and marketing strategy.

Structuring your content

If you think coming up with the topic is all you need to get your job done. Then you’re wrong, this is just the beginning. There goes a lot of preparation before you actually start writing. The right structuring of your article is important as you have to attract the attention of your audience. Wondering what is the right structuring? See that you’re not overpowering your audience with big paragraphs. People may not be able to focus if you put content in large paragraphs, cut them short don’t make them more than 150 words.

For every 300 words use a side heading and see that both your title and side heading are interesting. Having an interesting title will increase your chances of grabbing the attention of the people. Content is the essence of any brand. No matter how knowledgable your content is if it is not presented well, people may not take out their time to read it. See that your content is inflow. Optimise your content and add images to make it more enticing and interesting. Add internal and external links. Optimising your content will benefit your website. As your website will be ranked higher when Google crawls it.


Content plays a crucial role in the growth of any business. Directly or indirectly content draws people towards a brand and improves its brand awareness. Even though companies are spending more than required to promote their products through traditional marketing techniques. It is not only burning a hole in the pocket of companies but also unable to measure the results. To understand your audience preferences, you must first know whether the message your conveying is received well or not. So for all these worries, the answer is content marketing. It is both in-expensive and allows you a chance to connect with your audience. Not everybody has the same way of thinking. So, if you want to come up with creative content ideas. Use these tips and create unique content.

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