Small business accounting is done your way with Sage 50cloud Accounts

If you’re running a small or medium scale business, then processing an invoice, cash flow, connecting accounts can be a daunting process.

An accounting tool is vital software for small and medium businesses. A small business entrepreneur spends their time and effort on designing a powerful product for their customers or clients rather than creating financial reports, cash flow or invoices. That’s where an effective accounting tool can be valuable to small business entrepreneurs.

Are you struggling with your finance? Yes!!! Sage 50cloud Accounts comes here to rescue. Sage 50cloud Accounts is an effective payroll tool developed by “Sage Group”. The attractive features of Sage 50cloud Accounts are inventory, cash flow, invoicing and more. Business owners can process payments anywhere at any time. Also, generate an invoice to customers and provide real-time information.

A unique feature about Sage – remote access, ePayments, advanced intelligence, bank reconciliation and layered security.

Remote access

Remote access technology is ruling the business world. User can access their data from a remote location. You can access your documents from desktop, laptop or cellphone. Sage is integrated with Office 365. It provides easy access to your contacts, reports, data and dashboards.


It’s no secret ePayments improve cash flow. Don’t you agree? Yes!!! Sage allows credit card processing as well. It makes simple for customers and vendors to submit their online payments. Sit back and relax, Sage will take care of everything. It sends reminders emails and collects the data automatically.

Bank reconciliation

Have you ever heard about “bank reconciliation”? Of course many times right. It is a document that compares the cash flow with the corresponding details on its bank statement. An accountant spends their maximum time on the bank reconciliation. With Sage 50cloud Accounts instantly import your bank feeds, compare your cash flow with the bank transactions. Everything is automated. It means reduced manual power and your team can concentrate on other important aspects.

High-level intelligence

Want to be unique from the crowd? Yes!!! Start making better decisions to grow your business. Saga uses advanced intelligence tool to gather real-time data. This real-time information helps with better performance.

Layered security

Sage 50cloud Accounts keeps your sensitive information safe and secure. In simple terms, Sage ensures to provide bank-level security. This tool sets privileges for individual users. That means employees can access the required information. Business entrepreneurs can enjoy automatic security updates, backups and keep their data safe from disasters.

Benefits of Sage 50cloud Accounts

Sage 50cloud Accounts is powerful desktop-based accounting software. Businesses can access and store their information on the cloud. Sage 50cloud Accounts provides amazing add-ons such as EFT, cash flow, payroll, ePayments and more.

Mobile payments

Sage 50cloud Accounts is one of the popular tools to track customer’s purchases and pay bills instantly. You can connect to your bank accounts within few simple clicks. Also, record payments, track funds, instant deposits and transfer amount on the go. Generate real-time reports through a drag-and-drop template. 

Online payments

Everyone across the world is worried about online payments. No more worries!!! Sage 50cloud Accounts provide high-level security during online transactions. Connect to your bank account and process your payments on the move. Every transaction is recorded in real-time. Keep tabs on vendor payments, cash flow and invoicing for easy payment processing.

Inventory and Stock management

Inventory and stock management is an exclusive add-on by Sage. Did you know, users can update their stock level and manage their assists automatically? Sounds amazing right. Also, Microsoft tools are seamlessly integrated with Sage tool. Users can use MS Office 365 to store the information. Every information is backed up, you don’t need to worry about losing sensitive information. Sage allows user access permission, who can access this tool.

Sage Contact

Sage Contact is an outstanding feature. Within a few simple clicks, you can integrate your contacts (users, customers and vendors) to MS Office 365. Business owners can create contact and send customized emails or messages in Outlook 365.

Stop wasting your time!!! Try Sage 50cloud Accounts test drive today. Understand how Sage 50cloud Accounts is managing expenses, creating dashboards and tracking payments.

Test-drive can load within 5 to 60 seconds, it depends upon the speed of the internet connection. Test-drive cannot work with IE (Internet Explorer). Experts recommend using Sage with Chrome or Safari.

Customers and Sales

Customers and sales are two important components of any business. This section displays complete information about transactions. A business owner can create new customers, view and edit their personal information. Also, write customized emails to customers.

Sales taxes are the specific amount that can be charged by a country, state or agency. Most service-based companies don’t include sales taxes. If you’re selling products or services, then you can set up, edit, view or delete the sale tax.

Start creating new quotes and proposals as per your requirement. Under time and expense ticket, you can create new time ticket, weekly timesheet and expense ticket. Make the great use of sales orders and invoices. Start receiving money from customers or accept credit cards. Deposit the amount to the bank within a few clicks.

Vendors and purchases

Sage 50cloud Accounts allows you to create new vendors and send letters to them. Also, you can create a new check and view check register report.

Under purchase orders, you can create, view and print purchase order. Additionally, you can create multiple purchase orders within a few clicks. Enter new, view and edit bills according to your convenience. Use void checks, credits and returns and intelligence reporting for better decisions. 

Employees and Payroll

Employees are the heart of any organization. An entrepreneur needs to ensure that their employees get paid on time. With Sage, employee and payroll activities can be processed effectively. The payroll process can be paychecks, record time and expenses.

Create, view and edit employee information. Also, deposit their salaries through direct deposit and print payroll checks accordingly. Get employee payroll reports such as compensation report, yearly earning report, payroll register and more.


  • Pro accounting plan starts at $299.95 per year
  • Premium accounting plan starts at $465.95 per year
  • Get flat 25% discount on Quantum accounting plan starts
  • Free trial version is available for one month

Sage 50cloud Accounts offers automatic updates, data backups, audit trail, automated workflow, role-based security, advanced budgeting and more.


Planning to choose an affordable and ease-of-use accounting tool, then look no further than Sage 50cloud Accounts. Enjoy a robust multi-functional accounting software right at your inbox. You can save a huge amount by eliminating manpower (training, implementation and maintenance). Take advantage of remote access and start accessing and storing data anywhere at any time.

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