How Whatsapp can help your business?

Ding! Ding!! 

You have a new Whatsapp message.

Messaging has become easy and comfortable with Whatsapp. Over 1.5 billion people are using Whatsapp across the globe. This social media platform has become the most popular messaging application and it has become the primary mode of communication in many countries. Even businesses have also started seeing WhatsApp’s potential and are using this application to promote their business. 

How to use Whatsapp?

Whatsapp is a cross-platform messaging, VoIP and freeware service. This platform allows users to send or receive text or voice messages. You can share images, videos, audios, locations etc. Earlier it was only available on mobile, but now Whatsapp is accessible from desktops too. Cool right? To send a message through all you and the receiver need is to be connected to the internet. Once you connect with the internet you can share any media files. This platform has easily taken over the market and SMS or text message application on mobiles are long forgotten.

Whatsapp can be used in Android, iPhone, Windows. Once you download the app all you have to do is enter your mobile number, country. You can set up your profile or import all your information from your Facebook account. Once your account is all set, then you can converse with all the people who use Whatsapp in your contact list. You can adjust all the settings or privacy settings to make your Whatsapp more secure. 

Whatsapp is popular for a reason, it allows you to chat one-on-one with a person or a group of your people. Creating groups is super easy in Whatsapp. You can even create a broadcast list to send messages. What else does a person need as it makes communication super easy?

Why businesses should use Whatsapp?

So, the biggest question is how is this messaging application promoting business. A business needs to get creative and come up with new strategies to appeal to your customers. Because it is easy for your competitors to gain a competitive advantage over you, which you surely don’t want right? Using Whatsapp to promote your business is also one such move. Businesses are using Whatsapp for internal communication within the organisations too. With Whatsapp web now it has become even easier to send messages through browser too. 

Using Whatsapp to communicate with your customers is an excellent way to improve your customer service and interaction with them, especially for small businesses. Real-time customer service can gain you brownie points from your customers. The better your customer service is the more chances of your customers getting back to you for business. So, in such cases adding Whatsapp to your website becomes even more meaningful and important. Whatsapp provides your business with lots of benefits that you cannot overlook.

More than 55 billion messages are sent in a day through Whatsapp and surveys show that more than 60% of app users are interested to chat with businesses than call their help desk. This is more helpful for businesses whose demographics are 18 to 29 years old. And using this platform will also improve the engagement rates of business.

As you know, Whatsapp is present everywhere now. Your customers will also be using this application for their day-to-day communication. So why not communicate with them through this application and improve your business. 

Here are a few benefits strategies to promote your business using Whatsapp.

Create a Brand Persona

As a brand, it is important to create a buzz around your products. If you’re wondering how to do it. Then the answer to your question is Whatsapp. With this platform, you can create buzz and brand image for your brand. As you see when you interact with your customers on Whatsapp, you know that you’re customers are receiving and seeing your content. As you can see, 90% of people are always on their phone or they can resist the message alert when they get a Whatsapp message.

You can use Whatsapp as an opportunity to deliver as much information possible about your brand. But remember to do it in moderation. If you’re constantly messaging them there are high chances of them blocking you, which you don’t want. So, poking them just enough to stay in their head is good. You can create campaigns with unique content to generate engagement and improve your conversion rate.

Promote your products or services

If used properly Whatsapp is the best place to promote your products or services. Whenever your new products are launched or new services are added to your list of services. You can use this platform to send across about your launch to the audience. Not only launch you can even send across all the information relating to your latest offers such as discounts, coupons etc. You can even improve your sales by the exclusive offers to your loyal customers and even offer advice and clear their queries also.

Whatsapp allows you to start a group with your customers and you can regularly interact with them on this group. You can advise them, inform them about your new arrivals and what not. The brand just has to open the door and walk through this opportunity to take your business to new heights. Did you know? More than 30% of chats have resulted in visits and more than 65% of brands have experienced an increase in their web traffic by promoting through Whatsapp.

Marketing tools

Whatsapp has taken a step forward and has launched a business app. It is free to download and facilitates businesses to interact with their customers. This business app is creating mainly with small business owners in mind. It has tools that can sort, automate and respond quickly to the messages. Since you can’t run ads on Whatsapp it is better and convenient for businesses to use this business to interact with their customers and promote their business. With this business app you can add a link to your website, by clicking on it the people can directly chat with your brand. This way it becomes easy to interact and understand your customers or potential customers. It has unique features that marketers can use to create genuine campaigns that will yield more returns. 


Whatsapp has improved communication between the customers and business. When you follow up your customers with a Whatsapp message rather than a call there is 40% more chance for conversion. You see people don’t accept calls from unknown numbers but approaching through messaging will get you better engagement and response and go a little informal and create a bond with them.

You see when you talk informally there are high chances of creating a bond with them. But see that you’re customers are comfortable with it. When they are not comfortable you may seem rude. Sometimes short messages in Whatsapp can get your customers response rather than a formally return email or a direct call.

Customer support

Your relationship with a customer will not end once they buy your products. It starts from there, if you want your customers to become your loyal customers then you must provide them with good service or customer support. You must be available to solve the grievances or provide them with all the necessary help they require. Including Whatsapp on your website can help them in reaching you directly and they can express their concerns directly to you. Raising a ticket or contacting on your help desk and then waiting for a reply can be frustrating. When you provide them with your Whatsapp, it shows them that you are taking their grievances or concerns seriously. This way you can build trust and form a bond with them.


Whatsapp has the highest opening rate even more than email marketing. It has more than 70 per cent response rate. It means it allows you to interact with them. Why not use it to improve your business? You can use it to send across feedback forms to know their views on the business. Your customers may not like everything about your business or the way you work. So why not learn about the aspects they didn’t like and change them. When you make all the necessary changes they suggested, it shows that you took their suggestions seriously and are willing to change yourself. It can improve your conversions and bring more traffic to your website too.


Businesses need to be technological forward and stay in par with all changes in the market. Social media is one such thing that is helping businesses in reaching their audience and understand them better. But not many marketers are still using Whatsapp, so why don’t you be the first and enjoy the fruits of it. Interacting with your customers on a personal level will help you understand what they like and what they don’t. You can get a competitive advantage over your peers and interact more with your audience and send them special offers, promotional code details or new product launch information etc. What are you waiting for? Why not use Whatsapp to promote your business and take it to peaks of success.

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