How to Use Transcription Services to Improve Your Video Marketing Campaign

What if you could use video transcription services in order to ensure that your video marketing campaign was seen by more people? What if you could reduce or even virtually eliminate all your competition at the same time? The truth is that you can use video translation and transcription services to do all of that and more. Professional translation and transcription services can help your videos to rank higher on the SERP, appear more frequently on YouTube Recommended Videos and even increase view times, likes, comments and shares. 

Subtitles vs Closed Captioning For Video Transcription Services

It can be very challenging to build an effective video marketing strategy, including a lot of work and planning. There are many areas of video marketing where what seem to be minor details can turn out to be the deciding factor between a successful video marketing campaign and an absolute and utter failure. 

One very common mistake is the continued use of subtitles in video marketing campaigns. While the wide selection of video editing software programs on the internet certainly make this an easy task, it is definitely not the best solution for successful video marketing online. The most notable failings of subtitles for video marketing are their inability to work with SEO and their linguistic limitations. 

The linguistic limitations will be noted first, but eventually, the importance of both of these factors will become obvious in their role for successful video marketing campaigns online. The subtitles are hard coded into the video, meaning that there is no way to turn them off. If someone were to translate the video or even to include closed captioning or srt files, they would clash with the subtitles. 

The end result is that your video is now extremely limited in terms of language, with only one language being used throughout the video. Considering that there are less than two billion English speakers in the world, substantially fewer of whom are native speakers, and more than seven billion and eight hundred million people in the world, this would inevitably alienate a very large potential customer base right off the bat. 

This means you have already completely alienated around six billion people and prevented them from viewing your video, much less converting them into paying customers. But what about SEO? 

Video Translation and Transcription Services and SEO

SEO for anyone who may not know, is search engine optimization. While this is fairly common knowledge, what is not so commonly recognized is that this extends to YouTube as well. This is because YouTube and Amazon both switch back and forth to become the second or third most popular search engines online, behind Google of course. 

Subtitles are not indexed by the search engines, but closed captioning or srt files are fully indexed. Using video transcription services to generate srt or closed captioning for your videos will increase the number of keywords your video ranks for on all of the major search engines including Google and YouTube. What does that mean for you? 

Your videos will now appear more frequently in the recommended video section of YouTube and will also be more highly ranked on the search engine results page. Furthermore, there have been many studies conducted that show that the inclusion of closed captioning files rather than subtitles, increases the number of video views, the length of time the video is viewed, likes, comments and even video shares. 

Video Translation and Transcription Services and Competitive Reduction

Remember when you used to totally alienate six billion potential viewers before you even got started? Are you curious yet as to how to attract them to watch your videos? Are you afraid there may be too much competition to make video translation a worthwhile effort? Is there some really good news for you! 

There are more than 7000 languages in the world yet there are only eleven languages that individually make up more than one percent of the content on the internet. There are approximately 24 languages with more than fifty million native speakers each and around 85 languages that have more than ten million native speakers.

Now in case you were not the best mathematics student in the world, what this adds up to is the ability to move out of the top eleven languages on the internet today and eliminate more than 99% of the internet. With a little more math, we can see that this means that your video translation services have eliminated more than 99% of all competition, both direct and indirect. 

It can hardly be argued that it should be substantially easier to rank well on the search engine results page if more than 99% of the content online in the entire world were eliminated from the equation completely. The use of video translation services can help you to create srt files in as many languages as you would like to pursue. 

Take a look at some of the information illustrated here and put it into perspective just for the sake of consideration. If your video marketing campaign focuses solely on English with subtitles in English, you can put it out in front of around one and one-half billion users, but you will be directly competing with almost 60% of the content on the internet. 

If you use a video translation from English to Spanish, you still have between three hundred and thirty to four hundred and twenty million potential viewers, but you are only competing with 4% of the content on the internet. That is not even direct competition in whatever niche you may be marketing, but a reduction in overall competition including any indirect competition in the Spanish language translation. 

Using video translation from English to French, there may be only eighty to three hundred and seventy million new potential video viewers, but both the indirect and direct competition have been reduced from nearly 60% to just 2.6% of all of the content online. 

If only 1% of native French speakers were to view the video, that would still be around eight hundred thousand additional video views. Multiply that number by ten or twenty language translations and a few minutes of upload time, and it equates to literally millions more video views. 

Now remember also, that these closed captioning files are also going to be fully indexed on all of the major foreign-language search engines, ranking for more keywords not only in English, but also for more keywords in the video translation srt files for every language that has been translated. 

There are now an increased number of ranking keywords, along with less competition, and tens or even hundreds of millions of potential new viewers. Technically at least, you will not even have to do a full video translation for each language. The srt files from the video transcription services can be used as the basis for a simpler document translation for the foreign language srt files. 

  • Video Translation and Transcription Services and Multilingual Social Media Marketing

The original illustration at the top of the page may seem out of place for an article about video transcription services at first glance, but in reality, it is very informative and beneficial for video marketing campaigns, extending well beyond the reach of YouTube. 

YouTube currently supports around 80 languages though, which should show that there is a definitive market readily available for your video translations and content. Since you already have the video transcription files, again, it should be a relatively easy task to find a translation company that can translate the transcription and create similar srt files in as many languages as you desire. 

For video influencers, a strong presence on the search engine results page and YouTube may be good enough, but for ecommerce and other promotional videos, the use of transcription and translation services for social media marketing campaigns should not be overlooked either. 

How often do you search in a foreign language for English language content? The very idea seems farcical merely based on face value. Yet how many people expect foreign language viewers to find them using English searches? 

Furthermore, how many of these people are speaking English with their friends and peers on the social media platforms? Videos posted on social media platforms are more likely to be shared than they are on YouTube alone. Moreover, whether for purposes of an increased number of views or an increased customer base, people want content that is in their own language. 

Online shoppers are not so particular about where the vendor is located, but they do want to see reviews and see videos and be able to research products in their own languages and to purchase those products in their own currencies, which brings us to the last portion of using video transcription services in order to reduce competition online. 

  • Website Translation Services and Customer Conversion

For video influencers whose primary products are their videos, and any video advertising, sponsors and other ways to monetize video content, this may not be so important. For video marketing campaigns focusing on sales, lead generations and other means of customer conversions, there is going to have to be some place for your customers to land before you can convert them. 

In the early stages of using video transcription services for expanding the target markets, it may be enough to just find a translation company that can translate and implement localization strategies on the landing pages and sales pages. 

For those whose purpose of video marketing is for sales and informational products or services, it may be more ideal to have a complete website translation as part of their ongoing marketing efforts. In this way, what started out as a simple video transcription can increase your target markets, increase your ROI and at the same time, make virtually everyone feel more completely at home when they come to your site, ultimately increasing your chances to close the deal and earn more money online. 

No matter what the underlying reasons are for a video marketing campaign, the video transcription services, the inclusion of closed captioning files and ultimately, a series of small translation services can easily result not only in a greatly reduced competition rate, but literally tens of millions of potential new viewers and literally millions more video views. 

This of course brings to mind one final thought. It is always going to be up to you, the video content creator, to make videos that an audience is going to be interested in and react favorably to in order to be truly successful. However, the hints you have received here should make the rest a lot easier at the end of the day. 

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