How to Promote your Business with YouTube?

Businesses should always be future-forward. They should always search for new avenues to promote their business. When it comes to promoting their products or services. Most businesses are only using Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. However, they always end up forgetting one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in the world i.e., Youtube. 

Youtube is the second largest website in the world. From the latest movie trailers to songs, prank videos to TEDx talks. You will find everything from educational videos to entertainment on Youtube. This is a great avenue to reach a new audience.  Being the second-largest website has its perks. It has the potential to drive huge traffic and immense possibilities to increase awareness of your business. How would want to miss such an opportunity, right?

Why Youtube?

If you’re wondering why Youtube is the best marketing tool to improve traffic and reach. Here are a few reasons that may answer your question. First things first, Nowadays it is hard to find a person who doesn’t know youtube. Youtube is everywhere. There is a reason why it is called the second largest website. It reaches people of all levels, on average in a day 1.3 billion people are using this platform. Be it casual surfing or posting videos. When you promote your business, you’re advertising your products to around 1.3 billion people. On this platform, 80% of demographics is at the age of 18-49. If you’re a business that fits the video marketing then this platform is perfect for you. Keywords are less expensive compared to Google searches. 

Video and Images are the most engaging form of content. Don’t you agree? People enjoy video content more than written content, it is easily understandable and grabs the attention of your customers. Irrespective of your business size or industry you can use youtube to promote your products to customers and prospects. Any type of business including online business, offline business, consultants and freelancers can also be benefited by this channel. One of the best things that make youtube an indispensable marketing tool is its cost-effectiveness. It is free of cost to upload a video on youtube. Your videos will have promotional content included but the problem with this is, it may be your competitors content or products.

Create a Strategy

If you’re looking for audiences to promote your business across the globe using youtube then your business must come up with a Youtube strategy that works well. For any plan or idea to succeed you must have a route map set to lead your idea in the right direction. Before getting into video production, you must come up with a strategy. It is important to have clarity of your goals. So to start with, first define your goals i.e., what is that you want to achieve with Youtube? Make sure you set achievable goals. You can set goals such as improving your engagement and awareness, Improve your conversion rates, drive more traffic to your website and ultimately improve your sales. Once you know the objectives you can create videos that can help you in achieving your goals.

What type of content can you create?

If you’re using YouTube to promote your content and wondering what type of content can you create on it? Here is the answer. Creating quality content is now easier compared to earlier times. All you need is a creative idea and perfect execution of that idea. Now people are not even using a camera to make videos. There are many video creating tools available in the market. You can create audio, voice-over videos, live-action videos, animation videos etc. There are several tools available in the windows, android and iOS store, you can just download the application and voila create your videos.

Here are a few types of videos you can promote your business on youtube.

Videos to improve brand awareness

If you’re looking for ways to improve your brand awareness then you can create videos that broadcast your business core values, vision and mission statements. Interviews with influential personalities within your industry or Documentaries or educational, DIY or how-to videos. You see it is important to catch your targeted audience attention. And the above-mentioned types of videos are the best way to grab their attention and improve your brand awareness. You can even create animated videos that can explain about your organisation and its objectives. Animated videos can have more reach than normal documentaries.

Nurture your Potential leads

You can even use videos to nurture your potential leads too. Once you grab your attention then it is time to improve your conversion rate. You can create videos demonstrating your products, video testimonials such as client testimonials, unboxing videos, case studies etc. People will see and understand more about your company and these videos also build trust between your clients and your company.  All these ways can help your product reach more audience and ultimately improve your conversions.

How to manage your Youtube Channel?

Once you start creating your content and posting it on your youtube channel then comes the biggest question? How to manage your youtube channel. When it comes to managing social media platforms there are many tools available in the market that will lend a helping hand. But for youtube, there are not many management tools that can help you in managing your channel. 

Even when you’re going for a tool see that it helps you manage and monitor all your comments at one single place including responding to them. Since you’re going for a tool it should perform all the actions necessary to make your work easy. So to make all of this possible you must have a team at your beck-and-call to monitor your channel, post videos and monitor your comments. Not to forget the ideas to create your videos. 

What type of content works?

When you create content there are so many things that trouble you. What type of content will receive more engagement level? Should your content be formal or informal, funny or serious? The answer to all your questions is your target audience. You don’t have to reinvent the content a little research on youtube will help you understand which type of content your audience prefers. You don’t have to always create funny or serious content, you can find the right balance between and create your content on it. 

Research your competitors or other similar channels which target similar audience as yours to understand what type of content are they dishing out to their audience. Spend a day watching the videos which have the most views or high ratings, comments etc. Once you have a clear idea on how you’re lacking compared to them then it is time to improve yourself and create content that pleases your audience.

Don’t forget SEO

If you want people to find your videos or channel then you must optimise your channel and videos for youtube search engine. Pick the right keywords that can represent your business and content. If you’re wondering why? It helps the youtube search engine to understand about your channel. Don’t forget to use relevant keywords in your headlines and description. Add relevant tags for each video to ensure higher engagement on your videos. Check your engagement metrics frequently and see how audiences are interacting with your videos and all other info such as comments, likes, dislikes on your video. When you frequently monitor all this information you can improve yourself in the areas you’re lacking. 

How frequently should you post?

Another important question is, how frequently should you post. It depends you can simply post once a week, twice a week or any other way comfortable for your brand. You must create a schedule that works for your brand and increases your engagement level also. Remember you must post consistently to improve the subscribers and gain the attention of your targeted audience.


If you want to put together a perfect social media platform to improve sales and drive traffic. Then youtube is the answer to your brand. Youtube is the second-largest platform in the world, but ironically businesses are yet to use it to its full potential. They are tending to use more social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram but failing to see the potential of youtube. If you use Instagram to promote your products then your brand will have more chances of reaching a much wider audience, generate more engagement and most importantly improve your leads and traffic.

The most common form to promote your business is by creating video content. It can be anything but it should create a bond with your audience and explain to them about your companies values, who you’re and what is your business about etc. You can create how-to videos, how your products are made, interviews from prominent people, tips videos etc. Remember audience are always drawn to videos compared to text content. So why not use it for your businesses benefit? What are you waiting for? Create a channel and start promoting your business.

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