How to Promote Instagram Page

Without a doubt, Instagram is the most popular social media platforms right now. Million of people across the globe are using it. What makes it popular for brands is it has become a hub for the audience and its growing popularity and rapid evolution has brands fighting for the same customers. Recent stats show that this space is gaining more popularity and brands are using it to interact with their audience and develop brand awareness. If you’re also a brand looking for ways to promote your Instagram page. Wait until the end of this article to find out how.

Why Instagram?

There are many social media platform but if you’re wondering why Instagram? Around 1 billion people are using Instagram to interact with their family and friends. In those 1 billion there are your existing customers and many potential customers. Don’t you see the potential of increasing your business? If you’re a brand that is yet to understand the benefits of Instagram, it’s high time and you must start using the Instagram account. If you’re a brand that already has an Instagram account and facing worries on how to promote the Instagram page. Lets put an end to your misery. Here are a few tips that will help you in promoting your Instagram page. 

Remember you’re the purpose of creating Instagram. Your major purpose is to interact with your customers, acquire potential customers, drive traffic to your website and lastly but most importantly increase your sales. But for all this to happen you must understand your audience better and carter their needs. You have an indispensable tool “Social Media” why not use to its potential? There are few basic things such as optimising your profile, rethinking your content promotion approach, creating content your audience that plays a huge role in how your page promotion will turnout.


“Content is King”, repeat this 100 times in your head till you remember it, for your page promotions to become a success your profile should have top-quality content. Post content that your audience enjoys and engaging more too. There is no one way of posting your content. You can create different types of content, don’t limit yourself to photos only post memes, customer photos, videos on IGTV, Instagram stories and lastly interact with your followers on Insta Live. The more variety you provide in your content, the more people your page will reach. Check engagement on your posts regularly and figure out which type of content works best for your audience. 

Posts all varieties of content on your feed but make a pattern so that your feed looks both cool and disciplined. Don’t just randomly post your content, come up with a strategy that works best for your page and follows it through and through. Conduct research and see when are your audience more active and post at those time to squeeze out more engagement. Remember you’re not the only page your followers are following, to stay fresh in their feeds post as frequently as possible.  Instagram stories add up for your benefit as you can post content with being overbearing so use it properly to post your content.


You put so much effort into a post, be it waiting for that perfect shot or coming up with a quirky or clever caption should not go waste. If you want people to know about your Instagram account, then cross-post across other social media platforms. If you’re already quite popular on other social media platforms why not use it to promote your Instagram page. To maximize your content’s reach you can post your Instagram content across other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Every social media platform has its best practices. If you think posting on multiple platforms is time-consuming and bothersome, no need to worry there are several scheduling and publishing tools you can use them post your posts on all social media platforms, you can even schedule the time and it will automatically post at the scheduled time without your interference. 


At the end of the day, all the trouble you go through is to drive your sales and interact better with your customers.  So social media is the best place to improve your sales and customer base. Use this platform to share customer experiences on your product. If your customers post something about your product and tag you, react to such posts or post them on your feed. Post customer selfies with your product. It is a subtle way of reminding your followers of your products but not overbearing them to buy them. Tag your customers on their selfies and give a shout out to them, this way you can reach their followers too and sometimes that will help you in getting the attention of your potential customers and receiving a shoutout may excite your customers and it will allow you to see how many people are digging your products. 


Hashtags are what makes Instagram different from other social media platforms. Create your own hashtag, it is important as it encourages promoting and sharing on behalf of your followers. Your followers can also use that hashtag while posting about your products. Even you can use it to promote your brand organically. You can even promote your posts using generic hashtags in your industry and community. Include hashtags even in your bio to attract the right attention. Hashtags will help you in attracting the right audience. Add hashtags to every post to boost engagement. There are even tools that will help you in choosing right hashtags all you have to do is type your keyword and you will get hundreds of hashtags relating to it.

Tag them

If you want to effectively promote your Instagram page then tagging is also as effective as hashtags. You can tag other brands or your followers in your posts. When you tag them in your posts they would receive a notification about the post. It is also a subtle way to promote your brand or its Instagram page. It is courtesy and there are high chances of them sharing this with their followers. This little shoutout may increase your page visits or even increase your followers. Tagging local locations can also be helpful for you to explore new followers. Local-specific posts will promote your page and get you, new followers. Your business location and regular events location post them to increase your promotions.

Final Thoughts

Instagram has attracted so much attention because of its features and filters. It has evolved over years and if you’re still stuck with your old strategy then it’s time to change. You can promote your Instagram page with simple steps. Brands are fighting tooth and nail for customers. So you must put a strong effort to promote your page. Concentrate on your niche and see that your feed stands out from the crowd. Whatever theme you choose remember to be consistent. Work with influencers to promote your Instagram page. You can dive in their followers and few can visit your page and follow you. Don’t forget to up your hashtag game.

Every little thing is important from your insta bio to your captions, so work on them to make them better and create content that attracts and pleases your audience. Social media platforms as Instagram are the best places to improve your brand awareness and interact with your followers. Give shoutouts to people who use your products, that way you can feature in their feed. To add a human touch to your Instagram page, interact with your followers in comments and conduct insta lives, have Q&A’s form bond with them so they stay loyal to your brand for a long time and introduce a lot of potential customers too. Following these tips will help you in promoting your Instagram page drives your sales and increase traffic to your website.

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