How to Install and Use Whatsapp on Laptop or PC

Whatsapp new message!!! This one word is enough to disrupt your workflow and infuse you with curiosity on who sent the message and what is it about? When working on something important or in a client meeting you cant check you’re mobile as it is rude. But what if you miss something out in that gap? Mobile is the most accessible device, you can carry it around in your pocket, but you must silence it when you’re entering a meeting room or similar places.

Imagine you’re out for a client meeting, you’re the team has decided to make your presentation better with some last-minute changes. But, you must have turned your mobile to silent so they cannot update and sent you a WhatsApp message on your mobile and you continued your presentation without any idea of the updates. If your laptop has access to your WhatsApp may you would have seen it right before your presentation.

Whatsapp in the Workplace

Having Whatsapp in your Laptop or PC has its benefits. You can send images or other documents saved on your computer directly. By sending your files directly from your computer can guarantee your security and confidentiality. Your work gets easier and saves a lot of time, effort and energy. Whatsapp has changed the scene for messaging in the past few years. It has completely taken over and people are loving it. You can stay in contact with your family and friends all the time. 

Sending a message is simple and easy, people have been doing it for years and Whatsapp makes it even better. To send a Whatsapp message you and receiver just need a wifi connection and you can talk and chat for hours. Even workplaces are trying to adapt technology in their work-life, your employer needs to attend business on beck and call so companies are using Whatsapp within and outside the office to stay connected. From message funny memes within family and friends group to official documents to confidential files with your colleagues anything is possible with Whatsapp.  

Install Whatsapp

If you want to download Whatsapp on your computer, you can download it either from Google or Apple app store or you can download it directly from your Whatsapp website. But you can only install it on your device has the latest version of operating systems such as Windows 8.1, Mac OSX 10.9 or newer versions. If your device has an older version you can browse it through Whatsapp web.

Installation in Windows

Step1: To install Whatsapp on your device you can download it from Whatsapp Website. Visit the website.

Step2: You can download it by clicking on the download option at the top of the page. 

Step3: Once the download is done, you can just install it on your device.

Step4: After you launch on your device, you just have to scan the QR code and access your Whatsapp and send messages.

Installation on Mac

Step1: Open the Whatsapp website from your browser.

Step2: You can download the Whatsapp from the website. It is a zip file. Once the download is done you can install it on your device and run it.

Step3: For the first time install it would ask you where to add your application. You can select between the desktop dock or applications folder.

Step4: Once all the installation process is done, you just have to scan your QR code and you’re Whatsapp is synced and you can send all your files in a blink.

Download it from App store

Downloading from the app store is easy. You just have to open the app store, search for Whatsapp and click on the install button. Once all the installation process is done. Enter all the information necessary and complete the process if don’t have Whatsapp already. If you have an account then all you have to do is scan the QR code and you’re all you send and receive messages from your device. The process is the same for both Windows and iOS.

Whatsapp Web 

If you’re one of those persons who don’t want to go through the trouble of installing Whatsapp on your device then you can simply access WhatsApp web on your browser. You don’t have to install Whatsapp into PC or Laptop. All you have to do is open Whatsapp Web on your browser and get started. 


Step1: Open Google chrome in your PC or Laptop.

Step2: Visit the Whatsapp official website.

Step3: Click on the Whatsapp Web on the top-right of the website.

Step4: You have to open your mobile Whatsapp and go-to settings to click on the Whatsapp web option.

Step5: Once you open it, you would see a QR code, just scan it from your mobile and you’re all set to send messages from your PC or Laptop.


Step1: Open Safari and Visit the Whatsapp website and you would find load desktop option if you refresh the home page.

Step2: Once the page is loaded, you would find it similar to the Whatsapp web page.

Step3: You just have to open your mobile Whatsapp settings and scan the QR code.

Step4: You can now send messages and Images etc with your family and friends.


Whatsapp has gained prominence in not only personal life but also in professional life. You can instantly receive any update about your work within seconds. Having Whatsapp on your laptop or PC will make your day little less hectic and allows you to concentrate your work as you can work and access your messages at the same time.

If you’re one of those who are still using Whatsapp only on their mobiles, it’s high time you access this messaging app from your Laptop or PC and make your life easy.


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