How  to Create a Gmail Account

How often do you use your g-mail account? Almost everyday right day. You could say, G-mail has always got your back for formal communication. Nowadays companies are even sending appointment letters by Gmail, all applicants have to do is click on accept.

You must have used your G-mail account to subscribe newsletters of different websites. You have taken your Netflix or Spotify sign-in using Gmail. Brands send you information about their new products or offer details to your G-mail id. If you think G-mail is simply used to send e-mails then you’re highly wrong. G-mail has many other features you can work with. You can write using google docs, create excel sheets using google sheets, prepare PPT’S, you can even create your blog using e-blogger.

You can sync your G-mail id to your mobile So that you are always on go. Having your G-mail in your mobile is beneficial and time-saving. You don’t have to log-in into your Gmail account, once you open the app in your mobile, it will notify you immediately when you receive a mail making it easy to access your emails from anywhere.

Gmail is secured too, It sends an alert message asking your permission on your mobile when your Gmail is being accessed on some other device. This way you can get to know when someone else is using your G-mail account. 

G-mail for Business

For a business, G-Mail is an official messenger. They use it to communicate with clients and employees. If you want to use G-mail specifically for your brand, then using G Suite is much better than using personal G-mail account. G Suite offers many additional features that can help your business. 

G Suite is a professional Gmail account which uses your companies domain name. You can have control over your employee’s accounts so that you can have access your companies accounts, files and emails. In case you require any support their team is available 24*7 on email, chat or phone support. With G Suite you will get increased Google Drive and Gmail Storage. You will have access to administrative controls and advanced security. You will even get mobile device management to keep your data safe and secure. 

So, if you don’t have a Gmail account yet, then it is high time you create it. Here are step-by-step instructions to create your G-mail account.

Create a G-mail account

Personal Account

Step1: Open Google Chrome and click on Gmail option present on the top-right of your page.

Step2: Once you click on the create an account, then a page with a form will open.

Step3: Fill the form with all the details such as your First Name, Last Name, suggested user name and for the user name you can use letters, numbers and periods. Enter your desired password but see that use only 8 or more characters with a mix of symbols, numbers & letters.

Step4: Enter your mobile number, which helps you in case of security purposes. Enter a recovery email address and enter you’re birthday date and gender. Click on confirm and your email is successfully created.

Step5: Once you’re G-mail is successfully created, you can click on the settings icon and a menu will open and you can make any changes you want while you click on settings option. 

Step 6:  You can personalise your account by selecting a theme of your choice. You can pick from themes available in your Google account.

Business Account

Follow the same process as above to create a G-mail account for business. You just have to select for my business option before creating your account.

If you have subscribed for G Suite, then you can unlock the additional features of G suite and create additional business accounts for your team. All these accounts can be linked with your Gmail account. 

To unlock additional settings, follow these steps.

Step1: Click on Settings from your Gmail account, once the menu is opened select Manage this domain.

Step2: If you want to create accounts for your team then click on addresses for your team.

Step3: Once you click ok on the agreement box, and then click on unlock additional features to unlock features. But before clicking ok on the agreement box read it thoroughly including limitations.  

Step4: Once you have set-up your accounts you can take a tour of all key features. Your business account is all set.

Business email accounts for team

To create business accounts, follow these instructions below.

Step1: To create business accounts for your team, click Users in your Admin dashboard.

Step2: Click on Add user button and enter your member’s First name, last name and their primary email address. 

Step3: Set your team’s initial passwords, the minimum length should be 8 characters that can include symbols, lower case or upper case. 

Step4: Click on Additional info to add other information like contact details and profiles. 

Step5: Click create and then click on Email instructions and Print instructions to deliver the information to the other users

Step6: Click done and if you want to make any additional changes you can make it by clicking on Manage user accounts and passwords.


G-mail delivers an important purpose for business, i.e., communicating with clients. Not only with clients it makes internal communication within the office. If you’re creating G-mail account for business then you can also use G Suite. It unlocks additional features that make communication easy with your team. 

You can try their trial version before deciding to use it. But once you unlock the features, if you cancel it your domain name will also get cancelled. So choose wisely and read all the limitations before clicking ok on an agreement of terms and conditions. Not only for business, G-mail can be helpful for a personal account also. To access any app you must submit your Mail id and when you subscribe for newsletters of different brands, you would receive regular updates from the brand on their new product launches and offers.


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