How can AAT online courses help you get an accounting job?


The Association of Accounting Technicians is an international accountancy body that offers accounting certifications at different levels. These certifications are universally recognised by employers across the world. Obtaining an AAT qualification can also provide you networking access to more than 130,000 members spread across 100 countries which can improve your career prospects.

If you are interested in an accounting career and want to know how an online AAT course can help in this regard, this blog can be an informative read. Apart from addressing different benefits of pursuing AAT courses, the blog also lists some interesting career positions with an AAT course.

What are the benefits of pursuing a certification from AAT?

An accountancy qualification from AAT can make you instantly more employable and help you establish a successful accountancy career. Here are some advantages of pursuing online AAT courses.

  • All qualifications provided by AAT are universally recognised and address the required practical experience and real world accounting skills for reputed career positions in the financial domain. You can select from a wide range of bookkeeping and small business courses as per your professional aspirations.
  • All the AAT courses have a core focus on financial management which is at the heart of every business. Hence, these courses can enable you to carve out a significant position within any company by effectively managing their finances, budgets and cash flow mechanisms.
  • AAT courses can act as the right foundation for a career in chartered accountancy. Pursuing an AAT qualification can provide you with generous exemptions with all the major accountancy bodies in the UK and the world.
  • An AAT course can allow you to keep several employment channels open at the same time. You can choose to study further to become a chartered accountant, pursue other business degrees such as an MBA, set up your own accounting practice or join an established company.
  • Pursuing AAT courses can be the perfect opportunity to re-join the workforce from a career break. AAT qualifications can provide a lot of opportunities to re-build your skill sets. These courses are also helpful in filling in the knowledge gaps and boosting your confidence to go back to work.
  • An AAT qualification can also be beneficial if you want to jump to a higher salary package. The courses provide a comprehensive coverage of all the accounting and bookkeeping techniques which can allow you to pursue a promotion at your current company or look for other well-paying positions.

What are the career prospects of an AAT certification?

You can get multiple opportunities to progress your career with online AAT course. Here are some exciting career options that can follow an AAT certification.

  • Company bookkeeping consultants
  • Accounting assistants
  • Payroll managers
  • Tax managers
  • Chartered accountants
  • Accounts officers
  • Commercial analysts
  • Financial accountants

Obtaining AAT qualifications can make a huge difference in your career prospects and even help gather the experience to set up your own accounting practice. There are many AAT preparatory courses that can help you pass AAT levels with good grades.

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