Essential Tips for Blogging Success

There is no right way of blogging? Over the years there are many bloggers who have done an exceptional job. Even if you’re a beginner or a Pro, there is always room for improvement. You must always try to improve yourself and stretch yourself to produce great content that you’re the audience is interested in. 

You would definitely want to see your blog flourish, here are some tips that would help you.

Your Posts

Posts should be well formatted, most of the times people will skip the posts after reading the information they’re looking for. Reading online is quite different from reading print. You can enhance their experience just by following a format. Break your content by using subheading, making it easy for your audience to read. 

You can provide signposts for your readers to jump directly to that section. Bullet points are always better compared to one big paragraph. Bullet points make your content easily understandable and it looks beautiful too. Highlight key sentences in your content as they can attract your viewer’s attention onto them. 

Creative Headlines

Title or Headline plays a crucial part in your blog’s success. Headlines should be interesting and informative. They would attract readers’ attention to open the post. Everyone who visits your website may or may not read your posts, but they will definitely read the headlines. You can insert numbers and adjectives in your headlines, For example, “10 best SEO tools”. You’re headlining should always be straight forward, simple and easy. Don’t just write a single title and use it. Come up with a minimum 10 titles for each post and pick the best of them. You can send the titles to your friends and ask feedbacks. Your headlines can get viral on social media too, so take time in writing it.


Content without images can get boring, you can create a little variation to your posts by adding images. Sometimes images convey information with ease. They will enhance your posts attraction. Don’t use images just because you have too, use images that co-relate with your post. Place them in between the paragraphs, this way you can break long paragraphs and also keep your audience interested for a long time. For the how-to type of articles use screenshots. 

You can use graphs, charts if your posts have too much number game involved. Charts can make the information easily understandable. And don’t forget to add a featured image to your post and see that it stays true to your posts. You can find a lot of free images on websites like un splash, freepik, shutter stock etc. You can use photos you have taken or hired a professional photographer to take also. Last but not least, remember to optimise your image also, add ALT-text so that people can easily find your posts in image search. 


Using keywords is always beneficial for your blog. It can bring a lot of traffic if used correctly. Most search engines like google will generate results based on those keywords present in your article. Before writing an article, research for keywords relating to that particular topic and use it in your post. Use keywords in the title once, use it your subheading and content also. But, remember to do it moderation because search engines are smart to understand it when you use keywords too many times. It may even bring your blog rank down in search results and your readers may also find it unnatural. You can search for possible keywords relating to your topic in Google Adwords Keywords tool. 


It is important for your website to be optimised. Search engines use an algorithm to decide whether your blog post is relevant to a given post or not. It checks whether the words used are matching up with the topic before it ranks your website in search engine. There are many keyword analysis tools available in the market to help you in searching. These tools will show you the competition for the keywords you used. When you’re choosing words, use keywords with high search volume and moderate search volume. And to achieve success for your blog optimise both your content and images and blog consistently and publish at least 2-3 times a week.

Link Building

Link Building is also an important step in ranking your page in search engine. Google uses the links you receive to improve your website’s ranking. You can ask for links from major bloggers out there. But make sure to send them a message asking for links and before that, make sure your content is really good and don’t just directly send them a message asking for links, build a relationship with peers in your industry and then you can help each other out.

You can also just post on other blog sites to penetrate into their audience. When you’re sending the pitch for a guest post remember to be clear about your topic and give a brief summary about the topic and make sure that your content is top notch. Don’t forget to write detailed information about your website in bios and also link your website, making it easy for viewers to visit your website.

Understand your audience

It is important to understand your reader base. Your creating content for them, so you must take their feedback on your work and also ask them suggestions on your work so that you can improve yourself. You can ask them to suggest topics for you on all social media platforms or you can try your blog ideas on social media. Experiment ideas, but not too much out of your industry, provide your audience with variety. Don’t just keep your audience in your foreground, write for yourself too. Enjoy writing it will help you in writing more. Remember to provide complete information to your audience through your posts.

Social Media

Promote your blog on all social media platforms. On average in a day around 500 million people are surfing social media platforms. You can venture into a new audience base with your posts. Collaborate with influencers to create your content. Update your website link in all your social media bio’s, this way you can drive traffic to your website. Promote your posts on all platforms as soon as you post it on your website.

Mobile Friendly

Make sure your blog is mobile friendly. Not everyone accesses your blog from laptop, tablets. A mobile phone is the most essential accessory in everybody’s life. Can you imagine a day without your mobile? No, right. Same goes for many out there. So, it is important for you to make your blog mobile friendly, so that you can drive more traffic to your website. 


There is so much effort put in to make a blog successful and to generate income. You must post consistently in your blog, discuss topics that are unique and helpful for your audience. Take your audience opinions, communicate with them on all social media platforms. Retweet their posts about your blogs and converse with them in the comments. Build healthy relationships with other bloggers, Collaborate with them and guest post on their blogs. Above all, make sure your content is genuine and unique and make it as informative as possible.

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