Create PowerPoint Presentations with SlideModel Powerful and Editable Templates

What do you think is the best way to deliver your ideas to a group of people in your office? Of course, PowerPoint presentation, right? Presentations with the combination of text, images, backgrounds and themes help the audience understand what exactly the presenter wants to say in a clear and precise manner. They not only pass the information to the audience but also makes them understand the concept from the speaker’s point of view. The best part is with visualization, people won’t get bored but involved.

But are you sure that your presentations are meeting the benefits that they should deliver? If no, there is no point in giving presentations. The main aim of any presentation is to attract the attention of audiences followed by educating them on the subject. A default template available on the Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation without adding any extra effects cannot draw the audience’s attention even if it has informative content and you are an excellent speaker. 

A basic presentation with normal slides is just a past talk, your audience won’t get connected to it if you practice the same. You need to realize that people are only engaged to beautiful and unique things that have worthy content. But creating an appealing presentation is not an easy task, it takes so much time, skills and effort. Though you have hands-on experience in preparing PPTs, you might have already run out of templates for your presentation but managing somehow. So, you need more than a PowerPoint presentation platform such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides.

As business presentations need more visualization such as graphics, flow charts, diagrams, pie charts, various shapes, etc. to deliver the concept of marketing strategies or sales performance, you need a third-party template provider with a huge number of templates. SlideModel is an amazing premium templates provider with over 20,000 templates that help you create a unique and outstanding presentation each time.

Time is a critical factor when creating effective presentations. You can’t invest your whole time preparing presentations when you have other prior things to look after. Hence, having your hands on SlideModel templates is a smart idea as you will no longer have to design the slides from scratch. That being said, there are thousands of pre-designed rich templates available on the site to make your job much easier. Not only, SlideModel templates save your time but also leave your audience speechless with fresh and breath-taking slides. Let’s see the awesome features of the powerful premium templates provider, SlideModel, that will help you toward planning your perfect presentation.

SlideModel Features

PowerPoint Presentations Made Much Easier

If you are preparing presentations affording too much of your valuable time and effort, then you are simply wasting your time. Instead, you can prepare the arrangements, rehearse and do many meaningful tasks. While SlideModel helps you to cut down the wastage of time and effort. Why do you need to spend more time on designing the slides that are already available on SlideModel? The site has over 20,000 premium templates that are precisely designed by experts and match every company’s and every business’s requirements.

Right from Mission and Vision, environmental icons, US map, SWOT analysis template to customer’s life journey template, SlideModel has covered everything. You will not look for other resources once you have headed into the SlideModel site. 

As you have everything available on the site, you can simply download them and insert them on your Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote or Google Slides and customize them according to your need within a short time. Just enter the content, adjust the elements and ensure everything is okay, you are done.

Highly Influential & Editable Templates

Colors, backgrounds, and themes play a key role in drawing your audience’s attention. If they are dull, you will lose the game. They can’t be too bright and dominate the information on it either. SlideModel lets you adjust and edit every single component on the template, so you can play around until you are sure that your audiences will love your slides. 

Thousands of templates and all are highly powerful and editable – this is what SlideModel is specialized in. So, explore and find templates that suit your presentation topic and customize it based on your logo color, add background themes that connect with the topic and make your audience jaw-dropped, educating them on your ideas at the same time.

Numbers, Diagrams & Graphs Visualized Exquisitely

In business presentations, numbers are important. Whether you want to talk about last month’s sales or next month’s target or your teams’ performance score, numbers are crucial to represent the seriousness of the issue. But representing numbers alone won’t make any impact on your audiences. They need to be represented in the form of charts, and graphs to let them understand more clearly. Also, even plain charts and graphs are boring and do not help you. 

You need innovative graphic representations and pie charts to make the audience feel the importance. Here comes SlideModel to your rescue. You can discover a variety of charts and graphs such as doughnut charts, spherical diagrams, shelf stage timelines, etc. Apart from those, you can even find US maps, planning, data, texts and tables, different shapes such as illustrations, headcount, teamwork etc. to make the audience feel it more lively.

Compatibility is a Highlight

It is frustrating when you are not able to insert the amazing templates or shapes you have found. Isn’t it? But you will never experience this case with SlideModel. All the templates, themes, backgrounds and shapes are compatible with PowerPoint presentation platforms such as Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. All you have to do is download them, apply on your slides and enjoy the easiest way to create a powerful presentation.

Free Templates for Google Slides

Sources: Google Slides themes by SlideModel

As said that SlideModel templates are compatible with Google Slides. In fact, you can even find free templates to use on Google Slides. All the designs of SlideModel templates are designed from Google Slides’ shapes, hence you can experience 100% compatibility and avail free templates for Google Slides. Isn’t it cool? For businesses with a limited budget, this is an amazing way to create the same outstanding presentations.

A Business Must-Have

Corporates demand presentations more often to keep the team on the same track, to share new ideas and marketing strategies, to discuss the performance of the team or even motivate them with new approaches. As you have to prepare more number of presentations, you also need to ensure that your presentations are not twinning with the previous ones. This may result in diminishing the audience’s interest. Having a SlideModel subscription will help you out of this challenge as you can access and use unique templates and slide deck templates every time and surprise your audience.

Pricing and Plans

SlideModel offers the best pricing and makes the premium templates available even for small and medium businesses or individual public speakers. There are four types of plans which you can choose according to your needs. And the payments are protected by high-level encryption, hence you do not need to worry about the security.

1-Day Access:

 Get access for 1 day with a limit of 5 downloads.

3-Month Basic: 

Download up to 100 downloads per month (10 per day) and enjoy the access for 3 months.

Annual Unlimited: 

Download unlimited downloads per day and per year. Save them your cloud accounts. You can give license access to your 3 employees. 

Annual Basic Plan: 

Enjoy 200 downloads per month, 50 downloads per day.

SlideModel even offers the refund policy that allows you to cancel your plan anytime and receive a refund. All you need to do is tell them the reason and cancel. Moreover, you can instantly download the templates as soon as you purchase the plan and get premium support from the designing experts anytime you need it. 

Final Words

In this competitive world where you are not only the business who is following the PPT culture, you need to be more dynamic in creating your presentation in order to stand out. Whether you are getting ready to present in front of your clients or staff, your presentations should be unique and attractive to meet the purpose of the meeting. Else no one gains anything. Hence you need SlideModel templates within your hands to rock the show, win the applauds and suffice the purpose of your presentation. As the site adds a good number of templates every week, you will always have enough amazing template options to choose from. Overall you can be worry-free when creating your presentations like never before with SlideModel.

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