Can Podcasts help a Small Business?

Can you think of a business that has no competition? Hard, right? Businesses follow many strategies to gain competitive advantage and improve their market share. From advertisements to social media platforms, businesses use every strategy in the book to retain the existing customers and acquire new customers. But don’t you think its time to use new strategies that would help you in standing out from the rest.

Unique and innovative ideas are what keeps a business going.

What do you think is the reason that customers choose your brand?

Is it the quality of your products or services? Or is it because you’re highly cost-effective brand compared to others in the market?

Whatever the reason is, people will only come to your brand if they recognise you. What is the point of having the best deals or offers when people don’t recognise your brand? First things first, your brand must create a connection with your target audience.

Modern times have created an opportunity for technology to transform and improve businesses better. With changing customer preferences businesses need the help of technology to get by. Be it a small business or large, the companies are struggling to grab the attention of their customers. But, the small business has to go to large extends to grab that attention. They are on tight budgets and short on resources, so they need to use all the available resources to become the next big hit. If you’re also one of those businesses struggling to gain attention from your customers or targeted audience.

Don’t you think its time you change your strategy? If you’re thinking the same then there is something that could catch your interest. Wondering, what? Podcasts.

Confused!!! How a podcast can help your business? Then stick till the end of this article to know more about it.

Why podcasts? Why not?

If you’re also among those few people who think podcasts can’t bring attention to your business. Think again, because you’re wrong. Any piece of well- researched and written content will reach your audience. Marketing methods are highly expensive. So using tactics that depend on the content will give your business a great maximum exposure at little to no cost.

Did you know? 32% of the world population is listening to podcasts regularly and the numbers are on a constant rise. Only in the U.S, more than 50% of people are listening to podcasts. They have different age groups, 40% of them fall under the age group of 12-54 and more than 10% of them are above 54. Men are listening more than women.

Podcast and its reach

The podcats are gaining the attention of a younger audience if you’re a business that targets the younger generation, then podcasts are the best way to attract their attention. According to stats, more than 50% of Spotify listeners fall under the age groups of 12-24. Not only the audience, but the marketing opportunities are also growing for podcasts. From host read ads to brands sponsored series podcasts have a lot going on.

People who use a trend that is on the rise are always benefited. Any business needs to predict the future. If you venture into strategies such as podcasts early on, you would make the most of it before other brands incorporate it. People spend at least 2 to 3 hours in a day commuting to and fro from work. Most of them spend that time either working, surfing their social media or listening to music. The next best thing they could do is listening to a podcast. One of the best things about the podcast is they usually last 1 hour or if it is a series then they have around 7 to 8 episodes each 1 hour. Imagine grabbing the attention of your customers for one whole hour. Podcasts can be fun, informative, educational.

How to start podcasting?

Creating your podcast is not an easy job, even though you have enough knowledge about your industry but still confused about where to start and what to do? For many podcasts are just the audio series available online, similar to a radio or TV show. It is just like enjoying your favourite series, but the only difference is your listening to it rather than seeing it. The audience can download episodes, subscribe to a specific podcast and listen to them anywhere at any time. You can enjoy podcasts from the tablet, desktop or smartphone.

Name & Format

Before starting the podcast, you need to think of a name of for it. You can either use a descriptive title or a catchy title that grabs the attention of the users. But remember is something that catches your audience attention first. So, make sure that you use a title that your audience can easily recognise and connect with. Don’t incorporate your name in the title. If you’re a huge brand this may work for you. But if you’re a small company it would be beneficial if you don’t use it.

Then comes the format, there are many formats in the podcast such as solo shows, interview shows and co-hosted shows. The reasons podcasts are becoming famous is because they’re providing the users with content in an engaging manner. In podcasts, people can’t see your expression or gestures. So you must use your voice to express them. If you’re talking without any emotions it can get hard for the audience to connect. Make sure you don’t sound robotic or like reading a script out loud. You can have an outline that will help you while handling a podcast, but it is advisable to not have a script as it will look practised.

Content & Niche

Your podcasts must have authentic content that your audience can’t find anywhere else. It should seem like you’re having a conversation with one of your close friends, rather than talking to a group of people. This will create a connection and keep them engaged. You can talk about your experiences or the strategies that you use to overcome the threats. The time and topic are completely under your control. You can take the podcast in whichever direction you like. Weave a story and convey your message better with little help from storytelling.

Finding your niche plays a huge role in making your podcasts a success. You must choose the right topic that attracts the attention of your users. Your topic must explore different aspects and provide solutions to your audience problems. There are so many factors involved in making your podcast a success. Choose a topic that is important for your audience and you could engagingly talk for long hours.

Equipment & Music

From equipment to cover art for the podcast matters a lot. Use equipment that is modern and new, they must provide rich sound. If there is no voice clarity then there are high chances of your audience not finishing your podcast. Use the latest softwares to create your podcasts, there are many available in the market that will make your work easy. When you conduct interviews your audience will get a chance to listen to industry leaders. You can put together a list of guests and reach out to them and invite them to your interviews.

Keep a short voiceover or music at the beginning of the show. Make it catchy, because that is what your audience connects to. The outros are redirected to your website if you’re podcasts are interesting. Make sure that your cover art is popping and stylish, because it is the first thing your audience notice. Make sure that your 1400×1400 pixels. You can save it in PNG or JPG form. Your artwork should communicate the subject of your podcast well. The audience will see its smaller format, so keep it clean and clear.


How will your audience or existing customers know about your podcasts? You must promote it. Create the buzz on the launch day. Make sure you have several episodes completed. You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to promote your podcasts. On all these platforms you already have an audience base built, so it is easy to grab their attention right. Repurpose this content on blogs or social media channels. Understand your audience preferences and ask them their feedback. If they tell your shortcomings then try to change it and work on improving yourself constantly and you will reach your goal. People who are open and willing to learn will succeed.


Starting a podcast has many benefits for a business. It allows you to build a relationship or connection with your audience. Podcasts will open doors to many new opportunities. It will allow you to gain new experience and establish you as an expert in your industry. The brand will grow as you engage and connect with your audience and provide them with all the information they’re looking for. They can make you relevant to all communities. If you have still not included podcasts in your strategy, what are waiting for? Start your podcast bring new ideas to the table and attract attention to your business.

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