Between Fleep and Clariti. Which one should you pick?

 Statistics reveal that more than 60% of businesses with 500 employees or more have adopted some kind of collaborative applications to facilitate workplace communication and improve workplace productivity. The availability of high-speed broadband connections and the possibility of integrations with existing applications have propelled the growth of these apps.  

Choosing from the ever-growing list of collaboration tools is difficult and we have made your job easier by narrowing down to just apps – Fleep and Clariti.   

Before deciding on the pros and cons and making the comparison study, we installed and worked on both the tools for some time. While they have many similarities, here’s what you need to know about the differences between the two, so you can choose the best tool that suits your team.   

What does Fleep do?  

Fleep treats every item as a conversation including email. When you send an email to non-Fleep users, they receive it as an email. But when you send an email to other Fleep users, the message becomes a part of their chat conversation. Fleep is primarily an instant messaging application that tries to replace emails.   

In Fleep, all conversations are grouped based on participants’ name rather than topic or context. After a few days of using Fleep, if you want to go back and refer to some text or file, it would be very difficult.  Fleep has native apps and it is equipped with audio/video calling. It also supports wide variety of integrations. 

Fleep’s drawback  

Fleep treats all emails as conversations. This is not natural as each email message represents a discrete communication. When all communications are mixed in what appears like a free-flowing chat, it is very easy to lose context. Moreover it is difficult to easily share information with other Fleep users as the emails get merged into chats. 

What is Clariti?  

Clariti is an individual productivity tool that seamlessly connects related interactions from different communication channels such as email, chat, cloud storage, social feeds, etc into one context-based Thread. In Clariti, all the conversations are grouped based on context. Each context is a Thread by itself. Clariti allows you to create a Thread using any item such as email, conference chat, social feeds etc. All the related conversations that happen in Clariti can be stored in a Thread. So, when you want to go back and refer to some text or file, all you have to do is remember the context and look inside the relevant Thread.    

Unlike Fleep, Clariti continues to keep all communications discrete and not merge them into a free-flowing chat. 

So how does a Thread work in Clariti?  

When you receive an email, you can immediately start chatting from the email and the recipient can understand the context that you are talking about – without you having to forward the email! Later, both the email and chat transcripts get neatly arranged inside Thread. 

Other features of Clariti  

Besides Threads, Clariti supports additional features like “Instant Share” where you can instantly share any item (Email, chat, social feeds etc) including the attachments with multiple participants at a time.  

In Clariti, you can add or remove participants from conference chat. As a participant in the conference chat, you will have freedom as to what you want to communicate and to whom you want to communicate. This way, you can protect the privacy of the message throughout the history of the conference chat.  

Clariti allows you to integrate social feeds (Twitter). Once you receive feeds, you can share the feeds with others, chat from the feed or create a reminder or to-do task for yourself.  

In Clariti, you can also share and view CAD files from the browser itself, without installing costly software like Creo, Solidworks etc.  This feature would be really helpful to you if you are an engineer.   

Final verdict   

As a company, if you are looking for chats as the only communication tool, then you can choose Fleep. But, if you are an organization where tools such as chats, emails, cloud storage, file sharing, to-dos, social media etc are all part of your daily work, then you should choose Clariti.   

Clariti really helps you to focus on your core job, streamline conversations and make your team more organized. 

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