Best Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Online shopping is so much fun and there are many reasons for one to shop online. You can avoid crowds, waiting in long queues at the billing counter, saving time, etc. When shopping online, you can simply browse thousands of varieties from the comfort of your home at any time and receive the order at your doorstep.

But as there is no such thing as a smooth mountain, online shopping is also sometimes risky. Because not only the internet has made things easier, it also has brought threats. In 2019, the FBI received over 1300 online theft complaints that majorly stated non-delivery of purchased goods. So, you need to check many things from the credibility of online stores to order delivery to return policy. After all, you don’t want to be the next victim of online theft.

However, online shopping isn’t that scary when you take a few practical precautions and be conscious while shopping. To help you shop online with joy, herein we provided some best tips for safe online shopping. So, shall we get started?

Online shopping safety tips

Security should always come first

When it comes to shopping online, you must look at the security of the website you are browsing. Check if the website you are scrolling through has HTTPS in its URL instead of HTTP. The single alphabet matters a lot because that says the connection between your browser and the website is secured. So that no one can intercept in between you and steal the data. 

In fact, checking this factor has become so easy nowadays because browsers have already started to display a green lock in the left of the URL. So, when you see a green padlock, simply you can shop or stay as long as you want or complete the payment on this website without any fear.

Look for the trusted websites

You can see plenty of websites originating every day on the internet. As you never know the credibility of new sites, it is recommended that you always go for reputable websites. Simply put, if you know a merchant, you can shop happily and safely. Else, try to find the customer reviews and reputation of the site before you spend your money. The trusted and credible websites promise guaranteed shipping, return policy, and exchange options.

If something is suspicious, stay away

As said, there are plenty of e-commerce sites on the internet and there are too many deals to spoil you. However, don’t simply go for the lower prices. If you sense something as suspicious it can really be. So, research well before you choose the store as well as the product.

Keep tabs on delivery tracking

Right from the moment you shop, you will have the anxiety to receive the order sooner. And that’s not unnatural. However, choosing the right online store and confirming the delivery details help you avoid unnecessary surprises. So, once you finish placing the order, collect and keep the confirmation mail as well as the tracking number from the store. You can always track your orders easily through the universal parcel tracker and stay informed about the status of your order. 

Only a few trusted parcel trackers help you with the accurate status of your order even if or not your store provides the delivery information. Post Track, one of the best parcel trackers can auto-detect carriers and track the status of the parcel with just a given tracking number.

Don’t disclose too much

No online shopping store needs more than your name, address, and payment information. In case if you notice the site asking you for your birth date or bank account details or driver’s license information, don’t hesitate to abandon the website. Any site asking for such details might rent or sell your sensitive information to other parties to make money. So, stay away from such sites.

Use strong passwords

Most online stores ask you to create an account to shop with them. However, if you are shopping in the store for the first time, look for the guest checkout. Or it is mandatory to create an account, make sure you use a strong and unused password. Also, make sure you change your existing passwords for regular shopping sites to strong passwords. Make sure you also change them at least once a week or month.

Prefer a credit card over a debit card

When it comes to online shopping where there is room for threats, it is better to use credit cards over debit cards. When you use credit cards, even if someone steals or hacks your credit card details, they can’t directly access your bank funds. Moreover, you are not liable for the money spent by hackers or frauds if you react at the right time. Your credit card issuer takes care of the fraud and removes the bill from you.

Understand their return policy

The only catch with online shopping is that you can’t try the product. So, there are chances of mismatch of size or color. However, there will be no issue if your site accepts exchange or return with proper terms and conditions. See if the store sends you a return label or wants you to bear the shipping charges. Make sure you go through the return policy thoroughly before you make the payment. 

Pay more attention when using public WiFi

Last but not least, try to avoid shopping when you are in public places. The free WiFi should not make you pay thousands of dollars as public WiFi networks are more prone to hacking. So, always shop when at home or if necessary use a VPN when shopping using public networks.

Bottom Line

The Internet is full of threats. So, the advantages of shopping online not only come with fun but also with many threats. However, online shopping is equally safe and fun when you follow a few measures and avoid unexpected expenses. Hope the above tips will help you enjoy your shopping and keep you far off from threats.

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