8 Simple Ways to Create a More Productive Work Environment

Is your team’s productivity decreasing lately? Do they look like they’re down or stressed out?

You try to ask why but you can’t get a concrete answer as to what really causes them to be unproductive. Well, let me tell you that the answer is right around you, and that is your work environment.

Remember, the workplace is almost like your employees’ second home as they spend a lot of time there. Simply telling them to be more productive won’t work, but changing their work environment will.

If you have no idea how to do this, here are eight simple ways to create a more productive work environment:

Create a Culture of Productivity

Having a good workplace environment for your team shouldn’t only be about the location of the company or the working conditions. It should also involve the workplace culture, which is more important.

The culture includes the processes and systems in place in doing tasks and producing good results.

Start by knowing your goals, defining them, and sharing them with the team. Letting your team know what your goals are would make them feel that they serve a bigger purpose.

Once you’ve established your goals, divide them into smaller objectives and assign them to your team members. This will make them feel involved in the process.

Once the tasks to fulfill an objective are delegated, encourage collaboration among your team members. This will enable them to think one step further on how to achieve the goal and can get better results.

Finally, let them take breaks when they need to. Nobody gets productive when they’re tired. So, have them keep their momentum by giving them some rest.

Encourage Teamwork

When different individuals with great ideas come together, they are able to create one big plan that can bring a lot of difference to your company. This is the reason why a workplace striving for teamwork every day tends to be more successful than those who don’t.

You can start by dealing with office politics or any misunderstanding between your colleagues. Then, encourage everyone, not only those in the high positions but also in the lower ranks as well. Lastly, treat them all with respect.

These three lays the foundation to build trust in your work environment. And once your employees are connected by trust, they’ll be able to work better together.

Track Time

Time sometimes go by without you noticing it. By the time you realize it, your 24 hours is over.

Now, you start to complain that you weren’t able to finish your task, and you don’t have enough time. But don’t you really?

In 24 hours, with 8 hours designated for sleeping, you have 16 hours left. What did you do with those remaining hours? It could be either you spent so much time gossiping or scrolling through social media, which are both very unproductive.

The number one solution for this is to actually track time. You can start by creating a to-do-list and know how much time you’ll be spending on each task. This way, you’ll have an idea of how you’ll divide your work hours.

Another great option is to get a time tracker so you can easily see where you spend a lot of time on and cut back on the unproductive activities.

Have the Right Tools and Equipment

Having the right tools and equipment will not only make things easier but more productive as well.

What good will it bring if your employee wastes a lot of hours waiting for documents because the printer is malfunctioning?

Technology is getting better and better each year, and not adapting to it will not do your business any good. So, invest in better working tools and equipment. There’s no use of trying to save money for the cost of time.

With the right tools and equipment, you’ll be able to save time and money in the long-run. Better equipment will mean better productivity for your team.

Take Regular Breaks

Working, even for a job you like, is not always fun. It can be stressful or tiring for your mind and body. So, giving yourself a well-deserved rest from time to time is necessary.

Don’t ever overwork yourself or encourage your teammates to do so. Overworking will do your business more harm than good because productivity tends to decrease when employees are tired.

So what’s better to do is to allow your team and yourself to take regular breaks. If you feel tired while working on long tasks, having a short break can bring better results since your performance is maintained.

Redesign the Office

Your workspace environment can directly affect your team’s performance. Don’t treat your office as just a place where you work. Make it your second home, especially that it’s also a place where you spend a lot of time in your day.

If possible, create a better surrounding for your team. Even a simple redesign, like repainting the wall, changing up some chairs and desks, and adjusting the lighting and temperature can make a lot of difference.

Ask your employees’ opinions about what changes they want and what type of environment are they comfortable in. You can even create a fun theme for your office space.

You can let loose your creativity and create a whole new environment for your team. You can even add plants if you like. In the end, it’s all up to what you think your team needs.

Clean and Organize Your Workspace

With so many things needed to be done in a day, having a messy table is inevitable. We have piles of documents on our left, notes in front of us, and more piles on our right.

If your workspace is this messy, do you think that it will only overwhelm you more?

That’s why we always advise our clients at Maid Sailors Office Cleaning to maintain a clean and organized workspace. Arrange and put your stuff in places where you will find them immediately. Keep your pens in one place, clips in another, papers somewhere else, and so on.

This will save you time searching for things you need because you already know where they are. Make this a habit, and you’ll actually observe your productivity increasing.

Learn to be Flexible

Having flexibility will do great for your business. Remember, there will always be highs and lows as your business grows. There will be uncertainties that you won’t be able to control.

So be flexible and create a team with such an ability to adapt to any changes. Being prepared and knowing what action to take in a certain situation will allow them to make level-headed decisions.

This brings in more engagement and can connect your people very well as they try to look at one goal. 


There is no denying that a team’s productivity is directly affected by their work environment. Hence, changing a thing or two in the workplace can help a lot.

But don’t think that improving your employees’ productivity is overnight work. You can’t expect that just by simply establishing processes, redesigning offices, and improving tools can magically change a lot of things.

It will need an effort from you and your team. So talk things out and come up with the changes together. This will help kickstart your productivity.

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