5 Office Innovations You Don’t Know of but Should

Has your business joined the revolution yet? We’re talking about the tech revolution where you can get a few steps ahead of the competition if you simply use technology to your advantage.

And there’s SO much to pick from that you have no reason not to improve your office workflow and productivity this year.

We picked out a few of the most impressive gadgets and innovations businesses can consider & please don’t be daunted by them. You may need assistance from pros and invest in managed IT services to get the full benefit of what tech can do for you in 2020; but it’s worth every dollar you spend.

Improving Communication: Presentation and Phone Systems

Many meetings get delayed by the effort it takes to help the organiser set up his or her gear for an important presentation. That’s a thing of the past with plug and play presentation systems, specially designed for a conference room setup. One example is BenQ’s InstaShow S WDC20. There’s no need for specific software and it can mirror multiple devices’ screens. And yes, it works for Windows, iOS and more.

It may also be time to upgrade your phone system, and then you need to find out more about VoIP (voice over internet protocol) systems. When your team members can call from almost any device they’re working on, it streamlines workflows and it’s easy to keep records of calls for future reference.

Stay Powered Up: Powerful Power Banks

If you don’t have remote workers yet, you’re bound to have a few of them sooner or later. Working from home or while travelling is something many employees request these days.

But of course, you can’t allow the excuse of them running out of power in an airport or while travelling on a train. Powerbanks have been around for a while, but now you’ll find ones powerful enough to effectively charge laptops and other devices. Some have a capacity of over 40Ah and they’re still of a manageable size to add to someone’s luggage.

Give your workers the luxury of remote working, but also empower them to run their equipment for a long time. They’ll never have an excuse for not turning in those reports you need.

Improve Communication: Let’s Translate Effortlessly

In the exciting modern business market you can easily connect with suppliers, clients or distributors from around the globe. But the language barrier can be challenging and if you should have a misunderstanding, what if that ruins a potentially profitable deal?

Luckily, translators now come in compact form, such as the Pocketalk showcased at CES in Las Vegas this year, or the Timekettle WT2 earphone translator. Imagine being able to have spoken sentences or a document translated instantly during a meeting. You’ll be able to make decisions faster, helping you fast track important business partnerships.

And of course, you’re protecting your business by knowing exactly what’s being said about you and your brand during each meeting.

Team Management: Health Apps

Your employees form one of your most valuable assets, so it’s important you look after their wellbeing too. Luckily, there are many apps that can help you do this. Encourage your workers to download them onto their mobile phones, or challenge each other to reach certain goals on the apps, since many of them are often structured with game and achievement features:

  • Some apps monitor your posture, so you can prevent back ache.
  • Working for periods of time and taking breaks in between ensures productivity & prevents fatigue; let apps remind you when to focus and when to take a coffee break.

Keep it Secure: High Tech Doorbells

You should also consider how technology can help you keep your business safe. If you’re still a startup you may not have the cashflow to install a large security system. But you’ll stay one step ahead of intruders if you at least see what’s going on around your premises.

Your doorbell can now include a camera so you can see who wants to enter the office.

Of course, cameras aren’t new to the scene, but modern units have a few advantages. It can activate the moment someone presses the button or moves in the area and you don’t waste power or recording space.

You can control the camera AND entrance via your SmartPhone, so no matter where you are—on the premises or at home—you determine who enters. Footage is also in high resolution, so it provides clear proof if someone should try and trespass.


You may feel overwhelmed by what’s out there and you’re probably wondering ‘what next’? Yes, your company will be spending money on upgrading tech, software and equipment every year, but the ROI is worth it.

We’ll keep you informed on what to try out next. You enjoy the outcome!

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